How to seduce an older woman

How to seduce an older woman

How to seduce an older woman?

How to flirt with an older woman?

How to flirt with a “Milf” or a “Cougar”?

The myth of the cougar or the MILF may be one of your sexual fantasies, but know that seducing a mature woman is a subtle exercise, contrary to what would suggest porn for example.

There is no mention of the motivations that lead men to turn to mature women: they are sexually decomplexed, less concerned about their material future or the social prestige that their partners would give them and thanks to the insurance acquired over the years,

This strength and independence from an older woman can destabilize the younger guys at the time of the seduction ritual, who no longer know where to head after leaving their comfort zone of flirt.
So, before throwing yourself on the older woman with your prejudice, misconceptions and awkwardness, here are some tips from the testimonies of older woman.

Don’t be younger than you are:
The presence of a more mature individual than you is not an invitation to total regression.

She is neither your mother nor your school teacher, so spare attitudes that do not fool anyone.
Only a face to face conversation will allow you to attract her attention, and remember once and for all that there is nothing sexy about a man who thinks he’s a teenager.

Be self-confident, show that you have confidence in you even if you are young.

Be open to change:
Attending a person of her age ensures a minimum of cultural references in common, which is less likely with a woman of several years older.
Faced with the divergence of tastes and memories, don’t close yourself.
On the contrary, this is the opportunity to learn about a world that is unknown to you.

Avoid clichés:
You know already that ready-made sentences only work very moderately on young women, so let me tell you that it will not work at all with women who have more experience.

Be frank, keen and authentic.

Don’t be insistent:
A rule valid for all women, whatever their age: if you are politely made to understand that the adventure stops there, step aside with dignity.

Insisting saying something like “but I’m mature for my age” will only bog you down even deeper.
In the light of their male experience, they will break through you instantly.

First of all, you need to identify the woman in question, how many more years does she have more than you?
If only a few years, you should be able to find topics that interest you both, but if she is 10 or 15 years older than you, you will have to find out what interests her.

Some older women are very interested in “youth stuff” but this is not the case for all of them so check your information carefully so you do not get off track right from the start.

Have some tact:
If you think that by announcing to her straight away “I love mature women”, you will make her eyes shine with emotion, you are very wrong dear friend.

The fact is that before being a woman older than you, your target is above all a woman.
She is not just a theoretical age or a porn website category.
Never say the word “cougar” or “Milf” in front of her.
People rarely like to be subordinated to categories in reference mainly to sex or even porn.

Advantages to be younger:

Being younger, you will have this joyful attitude that older men don’t have anymore.
It will make her feel young again, that’s what she is looking for.

Not meaning she is looking for a teen to play with but a guy who makes her feel young and happier again.

Young women and older women have a thing in commen, they both want to have a good time.
And being with a younger guy, they can have fun differently than with an older guy or their ex-husband ! 😉

Forget about her age!

When you begin the conversation, do not worry about the difference in age and get it out of your head otherwise you will not talk to her in a natural way. This could block you.

Do not talk to her about his age, do not be intimidated and be yourself. She will appreciate it for sure.

Be mature!

When you are with her, behave like a mature person, a responsible man who knows what he wants.

You have to adapt to her style when you flirt with her and try to seduce her.

A little trick to look more mature in her eyes: adopt her fashion style. If she dresses classy, make an effort to be at her level.

Be careful what you say!

I already mention not to say the words “Cougar” or “Milf” in front of her.

You must avoid mistakes that might not please her like “you’re beautiful for your age” or “I prefer older women, they have more experience”…
She will run away.

If she asks you if the age difference is a problem, do not hesitate to tell her no, that you do not think about it when you talk to her and you do not feel it as a problem.

Invite her on a date.

When you feel that she likes to talk to you, suggest to continue this conversation over a drink or dinner.

Do not be tense, too impatient to see her again and do not ask to see her the next day.

Be natural and charm her by looking into her eyes, always with a smile, when you ask her to see her again.

Flirting with an older woman is not that complicated. You just have to avoid the missteps and everything will be fine.

Have confidence in yourself!

On a date with an older woman, don’t order beer but some wine or a nice cocktail.
Choose a nice restaurant but nothing too fancy either, an older woman will not go eat on a date at burger king.

And if you don’t drink alcohol or because your religion does not allow it, order a nice alcohol free cocktail, not just a coke.

Be a gentleman.

On a date with an older woman, show her that even if you are young, you can be a gentleman and that you have manners.

She needs to have someone in control with self-confidence.

Hold the door for her for example, let her walk in first, things like that to show her that you can be a mature man in some situations.
And that you can also be a young man in others! 😉

Tell her nice things about her, women love it whether they are young or older.

Throughout your date, be sure to behave like a gentleman, avoid vulgar language.

If the woman has children and you use the same expressions, she would risk linking you and her children, and your chances of enjoyment would be reduced to nothing.

Be honest about your sexual intentions.

What she is looking for is freshness, naivety, youth.

You do not need to talk about your degrees or suggest that your bank account is well stocked.

It is in sexual tension, sensuality and non-verbal communication (look, posture, voice..) that you will have to focus when flirting with an older woman and seducing her.

Make her feel your physical attraction, she will come to you too because she is just here for that too.
That’s also clearly a difference with dating a younger woman, she has different expectations when dating a younger man!

Tell her that she is very pretty and attractive!

The more likely you are to be interested in an older woman, the more she will tend to consider your propositions for what they are: an emotional and sensual connection, an opportunity to have a good time with a healthy young man as part of a game of seduction and sex of course.

At the end of your date, she must be know and feel like going back with you to your place or hers.

During your date with an older woman, mutual desire must increase so when you take her back she feels and wants to make it out with you.

You must confident in your intentions and make her understand that you want to make love with her!

This attitude and this presence will make her want you even more!

You will then contact her later to go on further with your new romantic relationship with this older woman (“Milf” or “Cougar” as you prefer ;)).

To find older women to flirt with, there are dating sites dedicated to meeting and dating mature women, “Cougars” and “Milfs”.

You can also flirt with a mature woman at work, in shops, malls.
They only want to be seduced by younger men.

You have here a lot of flirting tips and seduction advice to meet and seduce a mature woman.
The art of seducing is also the art of seducing a woman older than yourself.

You can also see Mike Nichols’ film “The Graduate” (1967) with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, a cult film on the subject.
It’s kind of old of course but it’s still ok to see it, a young man who seduces an older woman.

Other flirting tips and seduction advice in my ebook to download.

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