How to flirt when you are shy

How to flirt when you are shy?

How to flirt and seduce when you are a shy guy.

Here are some flirting tips for shy guys who want to overcome their shyness and flirt with girls.

It is often thought that shyness is something that you will never get rid of, that people are born that way in a sense, some people are shy, some are not.

The good news is that it is absolutely false!

Someone becomes shy because of certain situations that usually happen to us in childhood and which put in place certain blockages that are considered (consciously or not) as irreversible.

Obviously, there are different degrees of shyness, from a slight shyness that is not really problematic to an extreme shyness really problematic to develop social relations.

We will see in this article keys to answer the question: how to flirt with a girl when you are shy?

You need to be aware of your blockages and limiting beliefs.

You know that you are shy so you already consider a number of things as true, for example “I can not approach this girl”, “I’m afraid of being rejected if I ask this girl her number”.

The longer you have been shy, shyness has grown in you, and the more often you will say this kind of things.

At first, it is a question of becoming aware of these self-destructive sentences that you are constantly repeating yourself in your head “I am not capable”, “I will be turned down”, “She will never” or Any other negative affirmation of this type.

Here is a new paradigm for you: everything is possible, you are able to achieve what you want.

In life, the only limits to your success (whether social, financial, sporting…) are the ones you impose.

And this is where the term “limiting belief” comes in.

A limiting belief is a bad belief that is rooted in you and that you consider as an undeniable truth without questioning it. It limits your potential and keeps you inactive.

All your limiting beliefs create blockages in everyday life.

We know very well that shyness leads to many very disabling obstacles.

First of all, you must realize that these limiting beliefs are windy.

They do not exist, they are only mental barriers that you put in front of you and that you can not cross since you do not see them.

I would add that these limiting beliefs affect all areas of life and not just flirting and seduction.

Here are several examples: “I will never be rich, it is reserved to lucky people, doctors,…”, “I will never win this game, I’m not as good as the others”, “I can never go out with this girl, she is too beautiful for me”, ” I can never choose the girl I want, I’m too small, ugly, meager, …”

I think you have understood the principle. Now that all these false beliefs have appeared before your eyes, make a void in your head and read on.

From now on, always keep in mind that these false beliefs do not exist, all this is false.

They are true in the only case where you believe they are true.

Indeed, the brain has this fabulous power, it makes all your thoughts real.

“There are people who say they can; Others say they can not. In general, they are all right.» Henry Ford

Many people find it hard to accept this truth: what you think and what you say in everyday life becomes YOUR reality.

Whether you like it or not, our thoughts become reality: on the one hand, this can give a self-fulfilling prophecy (if you are persuaded that you will succeed, you will become rich, you will seduce this girl…), on the other hand, it can give a self-destructive prophecy (if you are persuaded that you will fail, that you will lose, that this girl will turn you down, etc…).

This phenomenon is not to be taken lightly because each thought becoming reality leads either to a virtuous circle or a vicious circle.

Each negative thought will generate a negative result that will affect all of the following thoughts, and so on.

Fortunately, the thing also works the other way.

This is why some people seem to attract luck and others seem to be cursed.

Clearly, you have understood that you need to identify your limiting beliefs to determine your blockages and distance yourself from them.

Keep in mind that these limits are virtual and you can break them as soon as you decide.

Overcome your shyness.

Change your thinking:
This is the first thing to do, think positive!

There are good things in you that a girl will like to discover when she will get to know you.

Stop worrying about your appearance or your physique precisely:
As you’ve already seen before, women go out with all sorts of guys.

How many times have we seen a pretty girl with a guy who had nothing special and we wondered why?
Well, because he has other qualities to put forward than his physique.
And know that many girls sometimes prefer to be with a less handsome guy so that other girls will not steal him from her.
A trick to memorize when you go flirt and seduce girls, each one of us has opportunities that will come accross!

In real life, women go for men who are confident, even if the guy is fat, ugly, bald or tiny.

So, you have understood, confidence is the key to success in overcoming shyness and seducing girls!

Then, how to get this confidence and overcome shyness? With practice!

Shyness and flirt: Take a step-by-step approach.

Once you have become aware of all these things, it is not enough to say to yourself “Oh it’s good, in fact I am able to approach all the girls I want and bring them home. ”

Flirting and seducing girls is like starting tennis, you don’t go play right away with the best players, you start with a teacher who shows you the basic movements or you train with a friend who explains you the basics.

To approach girls it is the same, start from the simplest to the most difficult, alone, with a friend or with a coach.

You must break your blockages little by little by proving you that you are able to do what was frightening you before.

Start by sending a message to a girl on Facebook, Tinder or any dating site and train yourself.
Then try to get number and move on to the real thing, to make things more difficult.

A very good way to kill your shyness, train yourself on the street:

Start by approaching men/seniors to ask for information: where is the cinema, what time is it, etc…
Ask the same thing to a girl who does not attract you physically.
Try to build a discussion for 5/10 minutes with a girl who does not attract you either.
Ask something to a pretty girl.

The difficulty of these challenges is growing, start where you want, it all depends on the importance of your blockages and your level of timidity or shyness at the start.

The goal here is not to seduce a particular girl but to explode your shyness to the maximum so that you are aware that you are able to approach any girl in the street.
Concentrate on the moment, on the pleasure of the interaction without focusing on the result.

Organize parties, organize different new outings, go out with people you see little, travel alone, approach unknown girls, test new sports, experience thrills, travel alone in a country where you do not know the language…

Take risks, this is how you will manage to overcome your shyness and finally to be able to approach the girls you want.

Finally, always relativize “uncomfortable” situations.

You’re going to approach a girl you do not know, and then what?
She will not hit you, she will not eat you, and if you walk by her without talking to her you will regret it.

There is nothing worse than regret!

Before going out, listen to some music you like to relax, watch some comedy to laugh and to be in a good mood before going to meet new girls.

Tell yourself, that if it does not work with one girl, it will with another one.
You will come accross some girls who will like you for who you are, you just need to meet some to find the right one.

Just show confidence entering a place, when ordering a drink.

Eye Contact:
Then, you look around for some eye contact with a girl.
When you see a girl looking at you, looking away and looking again at you, it’s a good sign that she is interested in you.

A girl who looks at you and makes eye contact, it’s a go go sign, come talk to me she says by looking at you.

When you have established eye contact, you then have to go around her and talk to her, you can go see her and say “Cheers!” showing your glass.
Smiling or course, it’s a great way to start a conversation, she will smile too and feel happy.

I recommend you to watch this great Miramax movie “Swingers” (1996) (a very good film about flirting and dating) where Mike (Jon Favreau) is a shy guy who tries to meet new girls and flirt.
Check out this scene where he looks for eye contact before hitting on this girl to flirt with her, a great example to follow.
You should see the whole movie, great actors, very funny and instructive about how to flirt and seduce girls when you are a shy guy!


You will see how things go, if it does not work, tell her you have to make a phone call or go to the bathroom, a good way to escape.

You will then look for another one to go talk to, always looking for eye contact, you don’t go talk to girls who do not seem interested in you, waste of time. You have to “hunt” to find the right girl otherwise it would be too easy.

Thinking positive, practising, you will get better and better, it will just become a normal thing to do to flirt with girls.

Meeting and talking to people and girls especially will allow you to overcome shyness.

Now, you just need to get to work and there are more flirting tips in my ebook to download.

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