Who should pay on a first date

Who should pay on a first date?

Who should pay on a first date?

Paying the bill, the dreaded moment at the end of a meal especially if you are having dinner in a nice restaurant.

Does a man still have to pay for the first date or even for the next ones?

Splitting the check? Does a woman have to pay part of the bill?

Who should pick up the check on a date and especially on the first date!

It’s a question that comes up often and for good reason, in a changing world, is it always up to a man to pay the bill?

In this case, we talk about the first date but also the next ones that follow if you are going to have other dates with the girl you are flirting with and trying to seduce.

Let’s see then who has to pay on the first date!

You must know that the famous question “who has to pay? ” has always been the most anxious question, that every modern man, does not stop to ask himself.

Before, the answer to this question was not so complicated.
But now, with all the changes that our world has undergone, and especially the world of human relations, modern man can no longer proceed and act as our fathers did: Every wrong move could be fatal, and can destroy the foundations of a loving relationship, which has not even begun!

You go do dinner with a girl you like, you want things to be right so that she likes you too in the end.
So, what does she expect from you at the end of the dinner, to share the bill or that you pay it all?

The beginning of the relationship: The first month.

When you meet a girl during the very first few weeks of your relationship, you are, of course, the one who most often proposes to the young lady to go out on a date, to get to know each other a little better.
And especially on the first date indeed, you will be the one to ask her on a date to go to dinner or to have a drink.

These first weeks give you the opportunity to show that you are a man who has amply understood the social dynamics of all relationships between a man and a woman.

Therefore, the first date and the first dates, it is YOU that will have to pay the bill.
You have to pick up the check on the first date and for the next few ones at least.

Do not try to ignore this little detail. It’s very important: Girls will judge you from the first date, remember, a wrong move could be fatal and make this girl go away or get the wrong impression about you.


As I explained in one of my articles about first dates, the choice of the place where you will meet your date is just crucial.
Knowing now that it is YOU who will pay on the first date, I remind you that you must, IMPERATIVELY, avoid going to a very chic, very sophisticated or expensive restaurant…

Trying to impress her, you will make her flee. Leave this kind of behavior to losers…

A trendy pub, lounge bar, or even a nice café will be great places to meet a girl on a first date!
You can, in fact, pay one or two drinks and it won’t hurt your wallet while remaining a nice gentleman!

The formula is very simple: YOU invite = YOU pay.

The Second-Third Month of the Relationship.

Arrived at this point, things begin to become clear between you two.

You will know that this girl is, at least, interested in you and appreciates being in your company.
This also suggests that you are almost on the right track about seduction. 🙂

However, this is not the time to fold your arms and say that everything is done!

On the contrary, this is where the real game of seduction begins, knowing that at this precise moment of the relationship, its level of interest for you is close to 50%…
Your mission is to increase this level of interest, in seducing her!

In this game of seduction that you will have to lead, there is an important element of the puzzle: Who has to pay?

As I had previously stated, at this point in the relationship, the parameters of the relationship are no longer the same: The girl has to start making some efforts too, knowing that in the end you are the “price” to win!

If she initiates and/or proposes a date to see each other, do not complicate things: SHE who has to pay.

You have to let her take the initiative AND the bill too, girls are not stupid, they know perfectly what they do.
I always noticed, when I go out with an interesting girl, she always does this, something so appreciated:

“No, it’s on me!”

Several romantic men who are a little naive, refuse this and reply:

“No, out of question, I am the man, I pay!”

A sentence that can be translated like:

“No, out of question, I’m the idiot, I pay!” 🙂

Let’s analyze thisa little:

Letting her pay from time to time, she officially declares her imminent commitment in this relationship.
At least, she can share the bill or pay it all if she really insists to do so.

She invests her time, her availability and her money which is a very good sign, a sign that warms your heart, isn’it?

On the other hand, acting like a romantic guy, categorically refusing to let her pay, the princess will eventually get tired of it and understand that she is going out with just another guy who thinks of buying her love and attention with his money.

He misses the opportunity offered to him: Letting her invest herself in the relationship and therefore he misses the opportunity to increase his level of interest. He finally listened to the beautiful song: “Let’s stay friends! ” 😉

A song that I absolutely do not want you to listen to! 😉

Tip: The rule 2 + 1.

As the relationship evolves, the parameters change.
After the 3rd month, and if everything goes well, you are boyfriend/girlfriend.
The question “who has to pay” resurfaces. You can now set up a small rule I called, rule 2 + 1.

For every 3 dates, you have to pay two, she pays one.
To simplify things, you can for example, pay for dinner, she pays for the drinks.
This brings a pure and perfect balance to the relationship.
This is good for the health of the couple’s life.

This rule is not mandatory, the important thing here is that you have to make it clear that she is well and truly engaged in the relationship, in your activities as a couple.

In summary, keep in mind that during the first datess, it is up to you to pay, while letting her to decide WHEN she wants to pick up the check or to share it.

Never refuse such an opportunity, you will know that she is about to invest in your relationship.
It also means that you are not a loser but a seducer and, quite simply, a different guy indeed, interesting.

How to avoid being broke when dating girls?
If you meet and date a lot of girls (or if you are running short of money), the cost of outings and restaurants when flirting and dating girls can seem overwhelming.

But do not worry as there are plenty of romantic rendez-vous ideas that do not cost much.

For ideas of romantic dates without breaking the bank, you must first choose yourself the place to meet her as I say in this article.

Perhaps you should have a drink for a first date in case you don’t like the girl so that you can end it quickly and at no expensive cost!
I talk about it in this article precisely on where to go for a first date:

If you are going to dine somewhere for a first date, choose a nice little restaurant that is not expensive, look on Tripadvisor or Yelp to see what customers say about the place before taking your date there.
You don’t want a bad surprise for your first date.

If it’s fine, you can also meet a girl in a park, near a river, etc…
It will not cost you anything, if you like the girl, you can go somewhere else or escape if you don’t like her.

So, you know a little more about who should pay on a first date, it’s you.

Eventually, you will see how it goes with her and if you like her very much, you can see to invite her to a more upscale restaurant.

Finally, when planning a first date, make sure you have a plan B (or two) in case your first idea does not work.
Girls hate when a guy does not have any idea or plan, you have to control the situation and take her out somewhere you have chosen.

You are the man of the situation, show her that you are confident and that you control the situation, she will feel comfortable in your company then.

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