How to flirt in a club

How to flirt in a club

How to flirt in a club?

How to pick up girls at a club?

Good Flirting Tips to flirt in a club.

I wrote an article about how to flirt in a bar that is kind of similar to flirting in a bar even if in a nightclub, the sound level is very high and we dance.

But in a nightclub, you are also at the bar sometimes or at a table with friends.

Noise, dictatorship of appearances, competition… not always obvious to know how to properly flirt in a club to pick up girls.

As in many cases of flirt and seduction, visual contact and body language will play an important role here in dance clubs.

So here are some flirting tips to seduce girls at a club, you will first have to prepare yourself to go out of course.

So, how to flirt in a club?

In a club, we do not flirt as “outside”: girls are open to meet guys but also on their guard because of the greater number of guys around.

They will therefore be more selective, while being easier to approach.

To start, it is necessary to first understand well the state of mind of a girl who goes to a club.

To have a good time / release some pressure.
See her friends she did not see during the week.
And eventually to flirt a little bit, to test her power of seduction… and eventually, meet someone if she meets a guy who manages to seduce her.

The message to communicate to girls when you go flirt in a club:

“I’m funny, I’m not a threat, I’m not a starving guy, I’m not necessarily there to score, I’m here to have fun and have a good time, and with me you can have ‘ Fun thoroughly and safely. ”

If by your way of being, you can get this message out to the people who are watching you, who are dancing alongside you, you have done the biggest part of the job.

To do this, bet all on your style and body language: look good (neither too much nor not enough), have a cool attitude, be confident, smile, be casual, seem to have fun (tip: have fun for real).

That being said, you must not believe that it will be enough for the girl you want to come to approach you.

Choose the club.
All clubs are not equal in terms of potential flirt.
First of all, choose a place close to your home to be able to bring back a girl easily if it works well with one.
Avoid overcrowded or very noisy clubs that make seduction difficult.
Also target “oriented girls” clubs or parties: open bar for them / free entry…
Locate a club with a likely strong concentration of women. Play the odds in your favor!

Advice: avoid techno / raves evenings, where talking is impossible without a megaphone and where each girls is dancing alone, strange atmosphere there usually.

Prepare yourself before going out.
Before leaving, make sure you have not forgotten anything.
Take advantage of an outfit that makes you feel comfortable.
A good antiperspirant and a few drops of perfume are essential.
Slide some condoms and a pack of menthol candy into your pocket.
Women are creatures with a good smell!

A Wingman can help you to flirt in a club.
The presence of a wingman is very useful when flirting at a club or a bar.

Not coming alone in a club, girls are reassured if they see you with a friend.
The man who wanders from one corner to the other of the clu seeming abandoned by all or the one who passes 2 hours leaning at the bar to have a discussion with his beer quickly loses all attention from women.

A wingman is a partner who helps you in your flirting mission.
He, for example, attract the attention of a group of people while you “isolate” a girl in this group.
Ideally, he would be good at this to achieve his mission.
Even better, a girl as a wingman. If she is pretty, she will provide you with ALL the social proof you will need with other women:
“This man is necessarily a good guy for me since he’s hanging out with this pretty girl…”

There is always competition between girls in a club, and with a pretty girl by your side, you can become a very nice challenge. Dancing a little with her, at a reasonable distance, should be enough to attract a lot of attention on you.

Tracking girls.
This is the crucial part. Except if you are in a clubon three floors, you can get a quick idea of the girls around you. Take your time when you arrive. Go around the club with your wingman and discreetly spot open girls.

How to flirt in a club: the most effective techniques.

Pay attention to details before approaching a girl:
Any boyfriend in the area?
She responds to eye contact?
How is she dressed, any detail of her outfit to talk to her about?
Once the target is locked, you can attack then.

Different types of women.
In a club, you will meet several types of woman, here are some examples:

The teasing girl.
Dressed sexy, she dances in a very suggestive way, but flees as soon as a guy comes close to her.
She just wants to reassure herself on her seductive power, do not waste time with her.

The open woman.
She comes to relax and let herself be carried away by people she will meet.
Open to have a good time or a one night stand for example, the kind of girl you want to go talk to.

The shy girl.
She remains in a corner, moving her foot on the music, having a few drinks.
She came with friends and spent the evening chatting.
You will not necessarily notice her but it’s a kind of girl that can be interesting to hit on.

The drinker.
She drinks enormously and ends up half naked on the dance floor.
She wakes up in the morning in the bed of a man whose name she does not know, and swears to calm down next weekend.
This profile is very easy to bring home, but presents no challenge.
It’s more about collecting than seduction.

The sociable.
She came with a group of friends she did not let go. She seems to know the club pretty well.
Here is a real challenge.

  • Your attitude.
    In a club, no time to dwell on details, girls will judge you very quickly when you flirt in a club.

Ideally, some good social proof wherever you go out:
Know the bartender, some people from the club.
If it is not the case, show yourself very sociable, and engage in conversations with several groups of friends in the nightclub.

Keep a confident and mysterious attitude:
Do not stay in your corner, but do not get drunk either.
Don’t drink too much, like one drink per hour, you don’t want to be too drunk and out of control almost falling on the floor when dancing with a girl you are flirting with.
You will look stupid, girls don’t like it, they want to see a guy who controls the situation, someone reassuring for them.

You have to intrigue and stand out from all the heavy seducers you will find in nightclubs.

The good seducer will be able to position himself as an intelligent and effective predator.
If you know how to dance, you will have a head start with these ladies.
Dance without searching to stick to girls, and normally they should come closer by themselves.

Hitting on a girl.
Before giving you any more tips, remember that ALL girls in clubs are NOT there to flirt with guys.

Some are just there to have fun with their girlfriends and some will not welcome any guys coming to them to talk, no matter his good intentions. Some chicks are just not open, you have to do with it, nothing personal, just move on to the next one.

First, you must have a good idea of the place without losing sight of the ones you are interested in.

Your look is a formidable weapon of seduction, and in spite of all, many of you do not use it to flirt with girls they like.

Scan all potential girls with your gaze and fix them for a few seconds until they notice you, but do not stop on them.

This step is only there for the girl to get you in her brain.

Once you have spotted a target, go for eye Contact.

Take Action FAST…

… but be extremely attentive to the context.

In clubs, you have practically only groups, so you have to master approach techniques to approach and reassure groups, as well as eliminating rivals.

Translation: expect to have to do with her friends and competitors, make sure you know how to deal with these kinds of situations.

Is she alone on the dance floor?
    With a friend?
    With a group of friends?
    Is she surrounded by guys?

So many potential pitfalls for anyone to approach a girl.

If surrounded by a swarm of pretenders, consider clearing the area either by isolating her or disqualifying them.

If the girl is ** alone ** (that is, she moves around without being apparently accompanied), the way is wide open.

Go talk to her.
Smile at her.

This nonverbal language is a massive seduction weapon that shows your sympathy, alleviates nervousness and encourages dialogue. Body language is the key.

Smile brings us closer and demonstrates our positive state of mind.

Therefore, you create a climate of confidence, conducive to your strategy of seduction.

Once in front of the girl you want to flirt, you need to use an opening sentence, an opening phrase that will allow her to quickly make a good opinion of you.

The first impression is the most important one.

Go say hi to her and say “cheers” with your drink, smiling.

Try to stay funny and original.
You can talk about how great this night club is, if she comes often, etc…
Start a conversation.

If she’s dancing already.

Come closer to her.

Look for eye contact, smiling at her with your best smile, as if to say “Hey, don’t worry, I’m not dangerous, I just want to dance with you”.

You will see her reaction, it will be positive or not, that’s how it works, you have to try to know.

If she agrees to dance a little with you, dance a little with her, continuing to have a good time and trying to make her having a good time with you.

If she’s not interested, you will see her looking somewhere else and not at you at all.

But if she seems interested, smiles to you then you have to move on to the next after you have danced some time with her.

Isolate her.

After the step of attraction, come the moment to seduce the girl.

For your maneuvers to be as efficient as possible, you will have to isolate the girl.

Isolating the girl in a corner of the club has several advantages.
By isolating the girl, she becomes less subject to social pressures and more open to be seduced.

You will surely see her under another day, more natural, more relaxed, more herself.
This is the perfect time to take your phone number if you or her have to go back to a group of friends.

You can also take another drink, just the two of you, to be more intimate and maybe kiss her if she seems very open to it.
After a few drinks, girls are also friendlier and open to have a good time with a guy in a club or a bar.

You will then how things go, if she asks you what are you doing after that, it means she wants to go back home with you. You got a one night stand.

If she looks more for a real relationship, you will get her phone number so that you can see her again another time.
Maybe in a more quiet place like a bar for instance.

You can then hang out with her the rest of the night, trying to be more intimate with her if she is ok with it.

  • If it does not work with a girl in a club.

If it does not work with a girl, remember what we saw at the beginning of this article about how to flirt in a club: you MUST spot girls who are “open”.

If it does not work with a girl, maybe she is tired, that she wants to go home, she did not come to meet men, that she is bored to die…

Flirting in a club is about being fun-oriented, relaxed and open to everything.
If you bump into a girl that is not interested in you, just move on, you will find one who will be receptive.

There will be other girls dancing in the nightclub. The basis of flirt and seduction is to approach several girls because you have to find the one with whom it will work.
You do not know in advance so you must locate girls and approach them to flirt in a club.
But once again, try to spot girls who seem to be open to you, giving you eye contact.

Your best weapons to flirt in a nightclub or a bar? Your good mood, your smile and your communicative energy.

So you have now good tips about how to flirt in a club, get ready and practice.
Flirting is about practicing.

Other flirting tips in my ebook to download.

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