Facebook follows you everywhere and tells your friends where you are

Facebook follows you everywhere and tells your friends where you are…

Facebook follows you everywhere and tells your friends where you are…

There was already Facebook Messenger that searches the photos on your smartphone without asking your permission but do you know that there is also a Facebook feature that allows your friends to know where you are.

  • This feature is Facebook Nearby Friends.

Nearby Friends feature is only available on the Facebook Mobile App so don’t look for it on your computer, it’s not there but on your smartphone.

I put a screenshot so you can find it on your smartphone, on your Facebook app.


Many people do not know that it exists and especially that it can be activated on your phone without you knowing it.

When you flirt with girls, you may not want some people to know where you are or what is your actual location…

Whether it’s other girls you are dating who are friends with you on Facebook, your EXs you still have on Facebook or other acquaintances, friends but also co-workers…

Yes, imagine that you tell your boss or a co-worker that you have this or that to do and that in fact they can see where you are actually…

  • Fortunately, it is possible to disable this feature on Facebook.

Just go to the Menu on Facebook mobile, then More and then you will see Nearby Friends on the list.

By clicking on it, you will know if this option is already activated or not.

  • If Facebook Nearby Friends feature is not activated, Facebook will logically propose to activate it, simply do not click and leave it as is.
  • If Facebook Nearby Friends feature is already enabled, you can turn it off immediately.

Facebook does not tell everything it does to its users and that for a good reason: advertising!

Yes, it’s free to use Facebook but Facebook needs to earn money to ensure its operation and make profits, that makes good sense.

And as for the GPS function on your mobile that tracks you everywhere or Google that also tracks you on the internet for the same reasons, it is better sometimes to disable some features or options that tell everyone where you are…

Especially if you flirt and date girls, you do not want to be betrayed by your own mobile phone or Facebook profile….

Having too many options or features turned on, you end up saying too much about yourself and where you are permanently.

So check if this Nearby Friends feature is not enabled if you do not want your friends on Facebook to know where you are. 😉

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