How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text Message?

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text Message?

Flirting with a girl requires tact, whether it happens on the street, at work, in a night club, on social networks, on dating sites… There are always rules to follow.

This is also the case for seducing a girl over text messages or SMS.

Texting is a must do nowadays, every body has a mobile phone or smartphone, texting is a great way to contact people directly and discreetly.
You know that by texting a girl, she will get your personal message.

It’s an indirect way to talk to someone, she is not in front of you so it’s easier to say certain things or to make her understand that you like her and that you want her without having to be in front of her!

Thanks to mobiles phones and texting, flirting and seducing is made easy, you can flirt with a girl over the phone via texting and see if she is interested in you!
If you have the phone number of a girl and you are too shy to call her, you can flirt with her through text messages, but still, you must use the right techniques to seduce her over the phone.

Without further ado, here are some commands to follow when flirting with a girl via text messages.

 – Don’t use text message language.

When you want to impress a girl, forget about text message language or SMS language that is most of the time incomprehensible and that will give you an immature image. Avoid using “lol”, “2moro”, “C-P”, “NP”, “IDK”, “J/K”… or any other abbreviation, learn to write correctly.

Unless you are a texting a high school girl.

It’s a way to show that she talks with a real gentleman, and in addition, she is told that we are not one of those dudes that bombard her with SMS and that no one can decrypt.

Moreover, text message language also makes you look like a 10 years old child who discovers for the first time the world.

– Take care of your spelling and grammar.

Spelling mistakes put off a girl, especially from a guy who wants to go out with her.

To be interested, the messages must be irreproachable and written in good English.

Considering also that they are brief, the least thing is to write them correctly. Instead of “Wat u did 2dy? “, We opt instead for” What did you do today? “, it will be better. Moreover, each word must be chosen carefully, the sentences are correctly constructed and punctuated to avoid any misunderstanding.

Certainly, a chick who receives messages full of mistakes will not even bother to respond.

Also, even if she answers with spelling and grammar mistakes, you always respond by using an irreproachable English.

 – Send short text messages.

Flirting with a girl over texte messages or SMS means keeping it short while being effective.

In a very short message, she is told that we think of her while leaving her the freedom to respond whenever she wishes.

Here is a perfect text: “A little message to wish you a good day! See you soon! It is simple, moreover, you show yourself at her disposal and enterprising.

Do not forget at the end “See you soon! Is sufficiently explicit that she should know that we are anxious to see her again.

– No longer use stupid texts.

Girls are all different but their common point is that their phone is filled with insignificant text messages from guys who want to seduce them.

Most of the time, these are bad text messages like: “Hi! “, ” You sleep? “, ” What are you doing? “, ” Where are you? “… and the list is long.

These kind of text messages do not even bring her a smile and cause no emotion on her part. Also, they do not show your personality.

You must know that we are not there to make a conversation, but to make her understand that we are interested in her and that we want to see her again.

– Forget about romantic text messages.

If you do not want her to make fun of you with her girlfriends to show them the romantic idiot you are, forget about romantic text messages like poems.

Moreover, these messages filled with love are no longer welcome in the 21st century, unless we live in the same century as Victor Hugo, etc…

Moreover, it has no effect on the girls of our time.

To generate interest, nothing beats simple text messages and without text message language of course!

– Use sexy, striking and simple text messages.

In order for the messages to have an effect on the girl that you want seduce, go for text messages that are both fun and short.

You want to make sure that these text messages flirt with her while being seductive and charming.

They must also be used to confuse her a little bit about your real goal in this, if you are really interested in her or not.
When reading your text messages, she has to wonder if this guy is interested in her or not.

Text messages are very simple ways to establish contact with a girl without showing much interest.

Also, it allows you to slowly interact more and more with the girl you just met.

By sending text messages, simple and sexy, the chances of a beautiful encounter will increase.

 – Bring value to your writings.

Messages like “How are you? “Or” What are you doing tonight? ” “Are needy text messages that require validation without causing any emotional reaction with the girl.

In other words, they are ordinary texts.

The best thing to do to attract her attention is to bring value to your SMS and text messages.
Send messages with humor, of course, in relation to the circumstances of your meeting.

After some humorous exchanges, it is easier to go through the next stage: The First Date.
To seduce her you need a first date, after, maybe, you will get laid. 😉

 – Do not harass my target with tons of messages.

To seduce a chick, do not send her tons of messages where you try to unpack your qualities etc…, we keep it for the first date.

We send only one text message, and we wait for her to answer.

If she answers immediately, she can also be answered quickly. If her answer does not arrive the next day, we do the same too, we wait 24 hours to send her another message.

It is important to do this to avoid appearing “needy” and to give the impression that you also have an active life. But if she does not answer, we wait the next day to relaunch her.

– Don’t be afraid of rejection.

If you’re so scared of being turned down, here’s the technique.

Talk about the activities you have considered in your schedule, and make her understand that it would be great if she would go with you, of course, if she wants to.

Also, do not beg her attention so she spends time with you.

But by doing so, you also relieve the pressure, and you are more confident.

In the event that she says NO, it will have less effect on you since it is about activities that you planned to do. It is also a small victory because you tried.

The NOs of today build the YES of tomorrow. But you can always find the best way to recontact her without being insistent.

 – Do not forget your goal: The First Date!

During SMS and text exchanges with the girl you want, always keep in mind your goal: seduce her and have a date.

But to have it, you must invite the girl, that is, make a concrete proposal.

You can offer her a drink, go shopping, go for a walk, take breakfast, spend a night in night club, go to the cinema…

The goal is simply to see her again. We are not there for a virtual relationship so when you talk, do not let go the chat endless and boring, always think to get a first date.

– Learn about the art of texting.

Text messages have many advantages, among others, they allow you to think ahead what you want to say and to perfect them before sending them, they can express all the qualities to stand out from the competition…

What is great with text messages and SMS is that you can edit them before you send them but not after…
So be careful with what you write to avoid a fatal error that could ruin your seduction plan!

What to do is to use SMS and text messages for fun.

This is the best time to be charming, to flirt and to be seductive.

It is possible to give her a little nickname, to evoke memories of your encounter, to project towards the moment of the date or to maintain mystery.

To be clearer, do not put yourself into insipid conversations, the purpose is to see her again as soon as possible. So, learn to arouse envy, and do not hesitate to propose an appointment, a date.

Also, there are original and interesting subjects like her favorite dessert, her favorite movie, her bedside book, the most crazy thing she has done for love, etc…

 – Make it hotter!

Texting is a good way to “sexualize” conversations with your target.
Flirting and seducing is also about getting laid, having sex with your new partner, let’s face it.
And girls too, they let guys hit on them and flirt with them because they also want to have fun and have sex.
It’s not only guys who like sex and go after girls, women love sex too fortunately!

We have multiple tools to excite a girl and raise her temperature just with text messages.
You can use the power of visualization, set up role-plays, blow hot and cold with push & pull and many more.

In other words, we use words to create an atmosphere that will make her want to sleep with you.

In conclusion, SMS and text messages never replace a call, but they allow you to prepare it and make it more efficient.
Texting and text message are an efficient weapon to use when flirting and seducing a girl.
Before your first date and after.

In texting a girl, you also have sexting, sending sext messages to a girl to make her horny.
But be careful, this kind of sex texting is for someone that you already know. Sexting is hot and about sex.

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