How to flirt with a French Girl

How to flirt with a French Girl

How to flirt with a French Girl.

How to seduce a French Girl.

The Frenchy lover has a good reputation in foreign countries. And it’s also true for French girls as well as for men.

Whether you are travelling, on holiday or you just met some French girls visiting your country, it could be interesting to flirt with a French girl.

The French people love to travel and learn about other cultures so they are open minded to meet new people and to learn more about them.

French girls are sophisticated compared to American girls for example but you can just talk about your culture and exchange about hers, great discussion topics.

French girls like to drink, to be social, to party. You can have drinks with them in bars or take her to a night club.
She might like to drink something else than beer, American girls or English girls will enjoy drinking many beers but a French girl might enjoy something else like cocktails, Vodka orange, etc…

If you are on holiday or working in France, French girls will love to meet a foreign guy to learn about your country and culture.
To meet French girls in France, you will have to hang out in bars where French girls go, if you stay in a touristic area, you will probably only meet foreigners.

You could check out English pubs and American bars to see if some French girls hang out there to meet foreigners indeed.
If some French girls are there, it means they are willing and looking to meet foreign guys. So the work will be easier for you.

In other bars, you will be the new guy in town and French girls will be interested to meet someone new and different. You just need to be yourself and exchange about your culture.

The fact to be a foreigner is your main asset, the main discussion topic, French girls are open to new experiences and having a good time with a foreigner.
A one night stand should not be difficult with many French girls who are open to have fun.

They want to learn about you and your culture, have a new experience, flirting is easy, your nationality is the main attraction for the French girls you want to flirt with.

Go to the beach to meet French girls if you are on holidays, girls are open to flirt with guys and even more with a foreign guy.
You can play the tourist who needs help finding something.

At night, hang out at the beach bars, many French girls to flirt with and to seduce.

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If the French girls are visiting your country.

It’s even easier for you, they came to you and your country to learn about your culture.

You just need to show them around and teach them about your culture. It’s easy to flirt with French girls in that situation.

In that case, French girls are tourist and want to meet guys from your country.

If you live in a big city, go to French bars to meet them. Or in touristic areas where you will find many tourists to flirt with and some French girls looking for a nice local guy to show them and to teach them new things.

In return French girls can teach you about French kiss, French sex and French kissing.
That’s the minimum they can do but they will be willing to do a lot more to learn about your culture in bed too. 😉

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Many different ways to flirt with a French girl, you will find some in Universities too or some working abroad.

They will love to find a local guy who will help them with their new life abroad.
Especially if you can help them discover new places, etc…

It’s easier to hit on a French girl at a party for example as they are not really into “dates or dating” like American girls can be.
If a French girl likes you, it can be a one night stand right away, she will not request a few dates like many other girls might do.
Because for a French girl or Latin people in general, if you have a good time with someone, you can spend the night with this person and have fun.
French people and Latin people are more open minded about sex than Anglo-saxons, it’s a cultural and religious heritage.

In France, talking about money is taboo, you don’t ask someone how much he makes but they talk freely about sex.
In the U.S, it will be the opposite, people talk easily about money but not about sex.

Same about sex when meeting someone, a French girl might be ok to sleep with you the first night where as an American girl will ask for a few dates first…
That’s why hitting and flirting with French girls can be interesting.

And if you are a foreigner for them, they just want to learn about you so the work is even easier for you when you want to seduce a French girl.

And if you go to dinner with a French girl, don’t take her to Burger king, try to find a good restaurant, does not have to be French food but avoid junk food.
They will enjoy Japanese food, Italian food, Greek Food, etc…
Something that has taste even though young French girls are a lot into burgers nowadays too.
If the French girl is around 25 years old, choose something more romantic then.

You can also take her to the movies, to see a film in English so that she can improve her language skills with you.
At the cinema, you can then practise and improve your Frenck kissing technique with her.

Many interesting things to do when you flirt with a French Girl.

You just need to meet these French girls to flirt with them and to seduce them.

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