How to spice up your sexuality

How to spice up your Sex Life

How to spice up your Sex Life.

How to spice up your sexuality.

Whether you have a couple’s life already or to be good in bed with a new girlfriend, you can spice up your sex life in order to do new things in bed.

If you have been with someone for a while, sex becomes habitual, desire fades with time, you don’t have the excitation you had at the beginning.
So, what to do?
Well, spice up your sexuality by various means.

This may be at your initiative or that of your companion but as often, the woman waits for the man to take matters into his own hands.

At first, everything is new, we are excited to have a new partner and then, there is no longer the surprise of the beginning.
Often, women do not understand that a man has less desire for them, and it is a little taboo to tell her directly that you no longer especially want to make love with her.

The thing is that this is quite normal, a woman has a maternal instinct and the man a reproductive instinct.

So, man is programmed to fertilize as many women as possible to have children.
Logically, staying with the same woman, his desire and excitation are decreasing, his body will be excited again with a new partner.

A woman is rather satisfied to remain with the same man, she feels secure precisely in connection with this maternal instinct.
Making love with the same man is the norm and happiness for a woman in general, there are of course exceptions on both sides.

A drop of desire is hard to admit to your partner, she would be sad to hear this, she would consider it to be her fault.
But it’s just a question of genetic programming in men and women.

By noting this desire drop, and not wanting to hurt your partner by telling her that she does not really attract you sexually anymore, there is the solution to spice up your sex life in order to regain sexual pleasure and desire with your partner.

Often, couples end up badly because they do not take action when sex becomes boring or inexistant, or when there is a big decrease in desire as Vanessa Flores explains in her ebooks about male and female sexuality on and

Yet, there are solutions but you have to think upstream, the woman can also do things on her on, if you are looking to spice up your sex life, she will surely have her naughty little ideas too.

If some couples do nothing, some people even end up into Anaphrodisia, a barbaric word that means a total lack of desire, no desire and no sex at all!

A sexy massage.

Let’s start with the easy things that you can do right away at home.

Buy some coconut massage oil, some perfumed candles and offer a sexy massage session to your partner.

You will relax her and the sensual contact of your hands with the perfumed massage oil will excite you both.
Especially when you massage her breast and buttocks after starting with a normal shoulder massage to get down on her buttocks.

A good way to regain desire and to relax also.

Watch a porn movie.

This is another option that you can do at home to increase sexual desire in you and your partner.

Watch a porn video together to stimulate your sexuality by watching something that will please her too.

More and more women are watching porn on the internet, often lesbian X videos, which may also please you, it remains soft to watch for a woman but she has to be interested in watching lesbian porn.

Otherwise, opt for a soft porn movie, girls do not want hard porn, so find something sensual, erotic, not too hardcore.

Watch a X movie about one of your fantasies or a fantasy she has in mind in order to stimulate desire after watching this XXX video.

This is a good solution to spice up your sex life.

Sexy lingerie.

It is a classic but often we forget the power of fine and sexy lingerie, thong, garter belt, etc…

Living with someone, your partner goes straight to bed with her pajamas?
It’s probably like this and pajamas are love killers, pyjamas kill desire too.
Yet, women do not realize it, for her, you love her for who she is and not for her physique.
But a man and his reproductive instinct has a visual excitation and not a psychological excitation like women.

You have to make her understand that pajamas are a love killer, buy her some fine lingerie if you have her sizes or go shopping with her in order to buy sexy lingerie.

Guaranteed effect in bed or in the living room with your partner lying on the sofa wearing sexy lingerie.

Making love to her in the doggy style position and wearing sexy lingerie will be very exciting for a man, she can also wear a sexy dress that lets you see her sexy lingerie when she cooks for example.

A Sex Toy.


A sextoy, a dildo or sex gadget as you prefer to call it.

What better than a sextoy to spice up your sex life together.
An anal plug to try anal sex with her for example.

There are plenty of different sex toys, there are even some for couples to have fun together.

You can buy one and surprise her, she will be surprised by your naughty approach and will be curious to try it.

There are online sex shops to discreetly buy your sex toys and have them delivered to you.

Surprise her the first time, then with her, look at the sex toys available on a sex shop site and ask her which sex toy she would like to try.

She will surely want to test some naughty and funny sex gadgets.

Make love in an unusual place.


I just wrote an article about this recently.

One of the best solutions to stimulate sexual desire for a couple or your partner is to have sex in an unusual or forbidden place!

Make love at the beach for example like in the picture above.
Guaranteed sensations but watch out for the sand! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the car, in the elevator, in a park, in the mountains, on a balcony at night, on the beach.

There are plenty of unusual places to have sex and stimulate your sex life.

The sensation of danger when having sex in an unusual place like a park for example or in the elevator.
Knowing that someone might see you having sex in this unusual place.

Be careful though not to risk big trouble like having sex in an airport for example.
You can also have sex in a plane, a very unusual place to have sex indeed.

Make love with accessories.


Making love with accessories can be another way to spice up your sex life.

Handcuffs, high-heeled shoes, stiletto heels, a carnival mask, etc…

Having sex with a woman wearing beautiful sexy high heels can be very exciting.
Go shopping with her and buy a nice pair of sexy shoes to make love with her.
She can then remove them during sex so that it is more practical but it can be very exciting at first to make you horny.

Handcuffs, this can be very exciting too, she can put them on or she can put them on you too.

A handcuffed woman shows submission and can be very exciting for a man.
Do not lose the keys of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Plan a night at a hotel or a weekend trip.

Rent a hotel room and meet your partner there.

Surprise guaranteed! Especially if you have champagne to spend a very hot night.

You can also organize a romantic weekend somewhere, in a romantic place.
A romantic and sexy place to stimulate desire, something new to have a good time together and regain pleasure.

These sex tips are also valid for a couple who still has sexual desire but who would like to have fun even more!

Surprise your partner with new naughty games, a sextoy, naughty accessories, she will be delighted with your initiative to spice up your sex life together.

You have to learn to be good in bed, you need to have kinky ideas to surprise your partner in bed.

You can also give her a good cunnilingus to make her horny but in this article we talk about spicing up your sex life, stimulating sexual desire or regaining this sexual desire that was lost.

All you have to do is to test all these sex tips in order to spice up your sexuality and to please your partner but also yourself!

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