How to have sex over text

How to have sex over text!

How to have sex over text!

How to make love by text message.

How to send dirty texts.

Making love by text message is a bit like making love by phone but nowadays.

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There are plenty of words or expressions to describe how to have sex over text.

We should not even talk about SMS or text anymore because everyone uses free messaging app like Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Whatsapp, etc…

It can be naughty messages between two persons in a couple, to your girlfriend, boyfriend or even to a girl you are flirting with if she is hot like a girl found on Tinder or Badoo maybe.

Sex by text or sexting, these are hot and naughty text messages that can be exchanged at any time of the day.

This is a great way to maintain sex when you live a long distance relationship, and even if it’s not the case.

It can be something fun to do between two persons to stimulate their intimate relationship, sexting brings a high level of eroticism in the exchanges of text messages or SMS.

Learn how to turn your girlfriend on by simple naughty text messages.

Send a test message.

Sure, you can send a dirty text or a sext message at any time, but still make sure your girlfriend is predisposed to receive it.

Bet first on a rather neutral text message, and see if she is available for a naughty conversation over text.

You will see by her answer whether she is into it or not.

Moreover, it is also a good way to ensure that the next “hot” text messages will truly fall into her hands and to no one else in case she often leaves her phone around! (At work for example.)

Light the fire gradually.

You and your girlfriend must be both in the mood for dirty texting.

You must both put youselves at ease and sexualize your naughty text messages little by little, before getting out the big game.

You know the intimacy of your couple, do not overrule your own rules.

Stay natural, but with a bit of originality in your hot messages, without appearing too vulgar, especially if it is a first sexting experience.

Exchange your feelings.

Everything is said in the title: having sex over text.

Also, you can do it as if you were there, with the only difference that desires and actions are described directly through the dirty text messages.
But that’s what is intense and exciting about sex over text!

Words are handled in the best way possible so that naughty text messages stimulate imagination and the wildest fantasies.

Sexting or dirty text messages can be also used for foreplay before seeing her then for a real hot physical encounter at home!

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