How to make love to a virgin girl

How to make love to a virgin girl

How to make love to a virgin girl.

How to have sex with a virgin girl.

Sleeping with a virgin girl, how to do it right?

For a virgin girl, losing her virginity remains an act so important and frightening, but also very exciting, as she will remember it for the rest of her life.

Despite the apparent banality of this question, how to deflower a girl well is not within the reach of all men, even those who have sexual experience.

It is above all a very responsible commitment, follow these tips to do things right during the first time in bed with a virgin girl.

Reassure her.

She must feel totally zen, psychologically and physically.
A virgin girl worries to lose her virginity with all she can hear around her.

Otherwise, all her muscles will stay tight and stressed, even her vaginal muscles.

This will make the first penetration even more complicated and make her suffer more.

You must try to reassure her about what she fears most: pain and fear of being abandoned after this.

Make her horny as much as possible.

You have to spend time on foreplay so that she is sufficiently excited and horny to facilitate the penetration.

In addition, it should be known that for young girls, sexual arousal takes a little longer to operate, count at least 20 minutes.
Making love with a virgin girl will take more time than with a girl already active sexually, that makes sense.

Also, work on it seriously: nice words, caresses, cuddles, languorous kisses, cunnilingus, stimulation of the clitoris, … will be your best weapons.

The young virgin girl discovers love and sex, she must feel good so that this important moment goes well for her and that she keeps a good memory of it.

Provide lubricating gel.

Her natural lubrication may not be enough because of fear and stress, but also that a virgin vagina is very narrow and difficult to penetrate.

You will then be able to use a lubricating gel to facilitate this first time.

Apply abundantly on the penis and on the vaginal entrance before penetration.

The ideal sexual position: the missionary.

During sexual intercourse, it is preferable that she remains lying on her back, legs spread to allow the vaginal muscles to expand. In short, choose the missionary position.

This will facilitate a little bit penetration for a virgin girl.

And it will be more romantic, she sees your face, you can kiss her, it’s important for her first time with a man in bed.

She’s going to lose her virginity, it has to be romantic for her.

Continue or stop after defloration?

When the hymen tears, the girl feels pain that can dissipate in the next few minutes, but this is not a general rule.

If the pain subsists and it hurts too much after the first movements of back and forth, it is necessary to stop.

Otherwise, it might afflict her psychologically.

On the other hand if she remains excited, horny and still wants to continue, you can then continue.

However, first sexual intercourse should not take much time and most importantly, do not expect her to reach orgasm.

This can happen, but in exceptional cases!

And you also know that she will probably lose some blood during her first sexual intercourse, defloration does not happen without physical and psychic side effects.
So, plan to put a towel underneath so that the bed is not stained by the blood of the girl who just lost her virginity.

She might panic if she sees blood all over the bed!

If you follow these tips, making love with a virgin girl is going to be alright.

It takes a lot of gentleness, take your time, go slowly with penetration and pay attention to her reactions to see if it is necessary to stop, to go more gently.

Talk to her and ask her if everything is going well, there may be things she will not dare tell you, if you talk to her, she will trust you and tell you what she feels.

The next times will be easier and you will be able to make her discover other things in bed and show her that you are good in bed.

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All you have to do is to prepare yourself for this important moment in the life of a young girl, her first time in bed, discovering love and sex. And everything will be just fine.

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