Good Sexting and Good Sext Messages!

Good Sexting and Good Sext Messages To A Girl !

How to write a good sext message!

In sexting, there are the words “sex” and “texting”.
Also, we mean by sexting the little kinky messages that lovers send to each others when they are far from one another.

Small naughty messages to get your partner horny or to try to get a one night stand by SMS or text message.

It’s hot flirting by SMS and texting.

If you are already a couple, it is a way of playing a naughty game with your partner by SMS when she is at work for example.

It can be a naughty message, something very hot or a naughty picture.
A sexy or hot picture of your body or a picture taken elsewhere to send a naughty message to your partner.

As illustrated by the photo of the movie Addicted to sexting, a documentary film about sexting and sex messaging.

They can be text messages, pictures or even small video clips.
To get your sex life out of the sexual routine or simply to revive the flame of a long-distance love, sexting reveals itself as the ultimate weapon.

Sexting is also an ultra sexy way of practicing remote foreplay, a widespread tendency to get your partner horny and have sexual intercourse.

Sexting covers different cases of flirt by SMS, here we talk about hot flirting of course if you send sext messages to a girl you are flirting with.
We talk about spicing up her sex life, if you use sexting with your girlfriend or your wife.

The technique of flirting with sexting will be progressive if you are not intimate with the person to whom you send these sext messages, it is necessary to increase the adrenaline and the excitement with the person you are sending those sex messages! 😉

How to get a one night stand by text or SMS?
Well, with a good sext message and effective sexting!

Follow these tips to become a true sexting pro!


1 Sexting is not for anyone.

You need to know your partner well, so be careful.

The little erotic game is well worth it, but the risks are also important!
It is necessary to have a great confidence in the recipient of your sext messages.

In case of dispute or separation, the sext messages will become compromising proof immediately!

But again, never use your business phone, you will never know in what hands it might fall.

Other advice, erase the daring photos and videos that could make you become the new hot star of the internet in case of loss of the phone.

2 Choose the right time.

The fantasy of being able to get your partner horny at any moment of the day just by sending a sext message has to be used with moderation.

Indeed, how can we be sure that the message will not fall into the wrong hands if your partner is in a very important meeting, her phone placed on the table, in the sight of everyone?

The trick is to first send an innocent message.

Only when the other person responds, and truly present, will you launch all the sensual hostilities!

3 Go first with a simple message.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to have had a previous conversation with your partner, you should never try sexting with someone you do not know.

Unless you love adventure or if you are obviously lacking sex, a nymphomaniac or in desperate need of sex, it is only in these specific cases that you will do it… or not!

Once your two souls and bodies are heated quickly by more and more intimate messages, then it’s on!

Throw yourself into sexy and furious discussions about your fantasies, how many ex you had, your favorite sexual position…

4 Let the fantasies speak.

Inspire yourself with your partner’s style and fantasies to do this.

Use sexting to let it go, but also to pass messages that can not be done live. You have almost no limit.

No need to talk, you exchange your impressions, you say super hot things and you assume them!

Some even consider that all that happens via sexting is like a kind of parallel world!

To write good sext messages, put aside your discretion and introversion.
Leave room for your imagination.

Your partner must succeed in reading your mind through your kinky sext messages, sexting must really excite her and make her want to find you as soon as possible, at least answer you instantly!

5 Choose the content of your messages.

To choose the content of your sext messages, it is necessary to define your romantic and/or sexual relationship.

If your partner is not used to seeing you using vulgarity, she may be somewhat shocked by a rough sext message you just sent her!

The best is to remain suggestive in the choice of your sentences to awaken envy with your partner.

Indeed suggestion brings out imagination, increases desire.

Similarly, if you have just met your partner, be sure to know how far you can go before sexting her.

6 Sensual sext messages, not too vulgar.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you have no limit, or almost!

The fundamental rule of sexting is to avoid at all costs exacerbated vulgarity.

You should prefer suggestions and indecent proposals that will make your partner horny.

If she is not really into hard talk, be careful not to fall into obscenity or pornography, which can certainly cool her down instantly!

Even if there are direct sexual messages, the goal of sexting is above all to excite your partner.

So, go step by step to grow desire.
If you are more shy, bet on the sexual metaphor.
You can also talk about your last one night stand for example.

7 Using sexy photos or not?

You have not seen each others for a long time, you only have sexting to free you from all your impulses. And you have been sexting for a few hours already.

You’re both hot like embers, you are in underwear in your bed.
You feel that the time has come to bring a little more spice to the conversation.

Each one wants to show more and more intimate parts.

Nothing more effective than a sexy photo. Certainly, photos can be compromising, but so exciting!

Again, make sure of your partner’s trust and delete those photos as soon as you no longer use them, at least do not let your phone sitting anywhere.

8 Spice up your daily life with sexting.

Sex life is crucial for your relationship as a couple, when you live together and it is important not to neglect it, these naughty little messages will greatly help you take pleasure and reconnect with happiness.

Sending a sext message can be done anywhere and anytime!

At work, on the street, in transportation… And even if you are in the same room, in the evening for example!

Perfect sexting will be the message that happens to help your partner’s imagination to create a sexual arousal such that she will long keep this image in her mind and will want to make love.

Sexting has the word sex, it is not for nothing, a sext message is explicit because we allude to sex with naughty words or sexy images in order to make your partner horny and to get the girl you are flirting with to make love with you.


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