Text flirting: What to text a girl

Text flirting: What to text a girl

Text flirting: What to text a girl.

Example of text to flirt and seduce a girl.

In terms of seduction, text messaging and text flirting can prove to be an effective tool for flirt when used wisely.

Sent to a colleague, a neighbor, a girl met online… a good text to flirt can help a lot!

A text message to flirt, a SMS to seduce, your mobile phone is an essential tool in flirt and seduction.
And it’s easier for the girl to answer and flirt also indirectly.

Later, if you are intimate, you will see to exchange naughty text messages, sext messages.

With a text message, you can tell many things and even imply many others!

But although you can send it from anywhere, you should do it the smart way.

Here are then gathered for you the best examples of text flirting to flirt with the girl that you want to seduce.

“Would I be prosecuted for a crime if I’m going to steal your heart from you?”

“Here :), I send you my smile by text! In fact, I would have liked to have done something else by sending you something by post mail that made you smile, but seeing me in the mailbox did not please the postman at all.”

“Congrats, amazing! The girl will be intrigued, and will ask you what is going on. You will then respond to the message:

“Several years have passed since my mother made me a man, but for you, it took you only one second to make me a real madman… crazy about You! ”

A “Hi, how are you?” would be too simple, empty and very far from the great girl you are. I prefer to  straight forward, I want to know you. Can you help me?”

“Since I had your number, it would be very silly for me not to take advantage of it, but the problem is that Ijfezfuhzifghufhe”.

You attract her attention, she will surely ask you what happened to this text message.
And that’s where you explain yourself. “OK, I’m concentrating. It’s because you make me feel so good that even my fingers crack when I write you!”

As a rule, a text message to flirt with a girl must both stir up the curiosity of the target, but still remain fun.

You must absolutely make her laugh right from the beginning so that she is sure to have a good time texting with you.

Once the conversation begins, you just have to move on while keeping the same sense of humor.

The goal is to create complicity before seducing her.

You have here examples of text messages to flirt with a girl. All you have to do is try and flirt by SMS.
Text flirting is a great way to seduce a girl.

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