How to have anal sex ?

How to have anal sex ?

The anal sex guide for beginners in sodomy, the first time anal sex tips.

The best positions for anal sex to make it good for both partners.

On, I give you flirting advice but also sexuality and sex tips.
Here is the guide about sodomy, how to have anal sex, make her first anal sex experience a success and make her love sodomy!

Many things about anal sex that I learned reading Vanessa Flores ebook about female sexuality Secrets to be good in bed.

Flirt and seduction comes before sex because before going to bed with the girl we like, well, we must flirt and seduce her first.

Otherwise, it would be too easy.

If you have followed my tips in flirt and seduction, you will surely make love with your new partner.

It may also be a one-night stand sometimes but if that girl you’ve seduced is your new girlfriend, you’ll have to be good in bed to make her happy.

It would be a shame to be good at flirting and seducing but not in bed.

Flirting and seducing can be learned, to fuck good also and to be good in bed.

That’s why I recommend Vanessa’s ebooks about sexuality because they are complete on the subject of male and female sexuality, me I am the professional in flirt and seduction but I like to give advice about sex if I can too.

Today, we talk about sodomy and anal sex.

This can frighten some women who have never tried anal sex and for good reason but it is especially for girls that it can be more delicate.
For men, sodomy means more pleasure during anal penetration because the anus is narrower, you will appreciate the sensations of sodomy.

You must know how to have anal sex so that your female partner will also appreciate sodomy.

If sodomy is well done, a woman can also take pleasure and will ask for it again. ๐Ÿ˜‰
A sodomized woman will love this submissive position associating pain and pleasure.

So there are two steps to have good anal sex, first, we must incite a woman to have anal sexy, then, it will be necessary to do it good so it’s not painful but enjoyable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because maybe your woman won’t be too happy to to try anal sex as she will have heard that it hurts.

If you are lucky, you have a partner who has already tried sodomy and who will be interested in trying anal sex with you.

Of course, do not propose anal sex the first time you make love with your new partner, she might think you are going too far in sex right away or that you are kind of a pervert. Haha

Otherwise, if your partner has never practiced sodomy, it will be necessary to bring the subject into the discussion.


How to motivate a woman to have anal sex?

To practice sodomy, it is therefore necessary to incite a woman to have anal sex.

A reaction I have often heard from women is, oh, sodomy is for homosexuals.
You should go see a man for that…

Sometimes it is a bit surprising to hear the reactions of some women who completely ignore that sodomy is not only a homosexual practice and fortunately! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So it will be necessary to explain to this girl or this mature woman who knows that sodomy can be a source of pleasure for women if it is well done.
And of course, you will make her understand that you know how to do it good.

If you do not know, you will learn it and practice if necessary.

– You can first talk with her about what she likes in sex and bring up sodomy to try new things with her.
You will see her reaction, from there, you will be able to consider what to do to incite her into sodomy.
During sex or to talk about it later if you need to know her better.

– You can also watch a porn movie with her where there are anal sex scenes to show her and reassure her.
Choose an erotic video, nothing not too hard so you don’t look too brutal or violent for her.
You need a xxx video where a girl takes pleasure during sodomy and not a scene where she is abused. Haha

Watching a x video with your partner can excite both of you and she can see concretely what anal sex looks like if it is still mysterious to her.

As a first approach, I can advise if you want to incite a girl into anal sex, is to pay attention to her anus precisely while you make love.


So let’s talk about anal sex and anal fingering.

Anilingus, it can be done during foreplay, if you give her a cunnilingus, move on to anilingus if you want to do it of course.

With an anilingus, you will immediately see if she likes that you take care of her ass and tickle her anus.

Girls love cunnilingus and that you lick their anus, if she moans, you’re on the right track for anal sex then.

Some girls also do not know wht anilingus is, many men do not dare to do it but the anus is a very sensitive erogenous zone which when stimulated with the tongue can be very pleasant during foreplay.

Try and if it pleases her, push your tongue deeper to get her ready somehow to penetrate her anus.

If you see that she loves anilingus, then you can talk to her to try sodomy for even more fun in her anal area.

It is necessary to go slowly because women apprehend sodomy not knowing how to be sodomized.



During sex, you can finger her anus, either during foreplay, or while you make love, during doggy style for example.

You have to go slowly there too, she’s going to be surprised that you’re trying to slide a finger through her little back door. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gently, with fingering precisely, wet it first so that your finger goes in more easily and you will see her reaction.

If she says no, try still a little more by reassuring her, telling her to try to see.

Normally, most girls will love to try this anal fingering if you go slowly.

In rare cases, you will come across girls who are not into anal fingering or anilingus at all, there are some but the majority will want to try, fortunately. ๐Ÿ™‚

A girl who wants to have fun in bed and loves sex is going to want to try new stuff if no man before has put a finger in her ass.


Gel for anal sex!

Do not forget that to have good anal sex, you need a good specific gel for sodomy.

Buy Durex Gel for anal sex, you have to know how to equip yourself to make things right.
You want an easy anal penetration and you don’t want her to feel pain either so a good gel is mandatory!

Do not use vegetable oil for sodomy, with penetration it will become porous and hurt the skin of your woman’s vagina and the skin of your penis, anal sex will then be very painful ultimately for both partners.

It requires a specific gel for sodomy and anal sex, gel that you can also use to finger her anus before sodomy because you will have to dilate her anus before sodomizing her ass.


Fingering precisely!

Before sodomizing your partner, you must dilate her anus, do not forget it.

Her anus is too narrow and closed to be able to sodomize her directly.

It will therefore be necessary to have fingering first, using one or two fingers to dilate her anus.

You can also use an enema bulb if you want to clean her anus inside beforehand.
This can be a good idea, it also depends on the hygiene of your partner.

Start with a finger, she will appreciate this new pleasure, always exciting to try something new.
A finger in the ass will clearly surprise her. ๐Ÿ™‚

It can be during doggy style or you can also finger her ass while you kiss her.

After a finger, it will be necessary to go with two so that anal dilation is sufficient to try anal penetration.

This will also depend on the size of your penis and the ability of her anus to dilate.
Sometimes, girls have a very tight anus and sodomy is downright impossible.

That’s why you have to start with fingering and gently, and with gel of course.
I will also post an article on how to finger a girl.



Then will come the time of sodomy and anal penetration.

Gently but surely as they say because do not forget that this part of her body is very narrow and sensitive.
So we must go slowly and observe her reactions, if she screams it is that we must perhaps pay more attention and be more gentle with her anus.

Gradually, try to get your cock in her anus, put more gel if necessary.

I forgot to tell you that you can also put gel on your penis of course to facilitate penetration even more.

The gel will be a great help to sodomize your partner.

Do not forget that you can also use a lubricated condom that will facilitate anal penetration.
And especially remember that if you sodomize a girl that you do not know, protect yourself from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases because the skin of the anus is very fragile and it is therefore very easy to have a contact with blood for example.
The risks are therefore more important, the condom will moreover help with the anal penetration so a condom protects you and make anal sex even easier.

So, back to sodomy, gently you’re going to penetrate her, you really have to go slowly and ask her if all goes well because she is the one who has to tell you if anal penetration is going ok for her.

Put more gel, go slower, she will tell you how it goes for her.

For you, it is a source of immediate pleasure, for a woman, it is a little harder at first. ๐Ÿ˜‰

An important element during sodomy is the sexual position that your partner will prefer, doggy style, on the side, on the belly or riding your dick.
You have to see that with her, which position is the most comfortable for her.

Personally, I think that doggy style is best position for anal sex.

She can put her head on the pillow, you have a panoramic view of her ass and what you have to do.
So you can see for example if her anus seems ready to welcome your penis.

Then you will see how your penis enters her anus, you can see better if you need to go slowly.

And above all, it is a very exciting sexual position to sodomize her, a very exciting submissive position and anal penetration is a lot easier in doggy style.


Movement and speed.

If it goes well for her, you’ll be able to speed up the back and forth movement during anal sex.

By observing her reactions, you will see if she takes pleasure being sodomized.

She will surely tell you to speed up or slow down according to the anal sensations she feels.

If you go too hard on her ass, she’ll quickly let you know.

It is necessary to find the right speed of cruise to succeed in anal sex so that your partner also takes pleasure in anal sex.

Change your sexual position, this may only be more entertaining for both partners.

There are surely sexual positions that you prefer and she will have her own, each partner needs to enjoy what he/she likes.


Eventually comes the time to come.

For you, it’s very simple, it’s like vaginal penetration but more tight so you will be able to ejaculate when you come, inside her ass or outside, as you want.
See what is ok for your partner.

If you have a condom, well you will come inside the condom.

Concerning your partner and making a woman come during anal sex.

Women will have fun with anal sex but will not be able to come just with anal penetration.
Many women need to stimulate their clitoris during sodomy so that they can come.

If she does not know about this, you can suggest her to masturbate her clitoris while you sodomize her so she has an anal orgasm.
Some girls will take a lot of fun with just anal penetration and the new sensations it gives them.

Sensations she had never felt before because it’s something new.

In the end, you will know if your partner likes sodomy or not.

If this is the first time for you, you will surely find that sodomy can be a source of pleasure even more intense than vaginal penetration.
A narrower canal can only be more enjoyable for your penis during penetration. ๐Ÿ™‚

All these anal sex tips must allow you to succeed during your first sodomy or otherwise help you to have good anal sex with your partner.

For even more sex advice and if you really want to please a woman in bed, I can only advise you Vanessa Flores ebook How to be good in bed that covers even in more detail how to have anal sex.

There are also plenty of other sex tips to please a woman in bed and to know what a woman likes to do in bed.

If your partner has loved or loves sodomy, she will be the one who will ask for it again next time.

What more exciting than a woman who tells you “I want you to sodomize me!” or “Fuck my ass!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

It will certainly be during sex that she will ask you for anal sex, horny and excited.
While excitation goes up, she’s going to want something else and will want anal sex if she appreciated the first sodomy.

This is why you need to do it good during her first sodomy so that it is a good experience, to take pleasure and that she wants to do it again with you.

For you, anal sex will be an even more important source of pleasure so you have every interest in that your woman loves sodomy so that you can practice it from time to time or every time you make love with her.

Like flirt and seduction, how to have good anal sex has to be learned and with practice you will improve and become an expert in anal sex.
The king of anal sex!

I will post other articles about female sexuality of course, an article about cunnilingus, the best sexual positions, and many other things to help you to be good in bed with the girl you will have flirted with and seduced.

Flirt and seduce the girl you like, sex will also be important in order to keep your new partner who expects from you to be a good lover and good in bed!
Just like for flirt and seduction, to be good in bed can be learned too, just follow the good sex tips from a real love coach. ๐Ÿ™‚

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