How To Pick Up A Girl?

How to pick up a girl ?

In the evening, at the pool, on the train, in the street… there is no miracle recipe to succeed in seducing the girl you have spotted no matter where.

There are no truly infallible schemes or flirt techniques if they are not used wisely.
Indeed, despite all the advice that exists today in the field of seduction, many people continue to live a very frustrating sentimental life.

The fact is that even if they come across good advice, they themselves are not prepared to succeed in this area: they planted a very good seed in a sterile soil!

Basically, it all depends on good preparation.

Otherwise, it would be too easy to pick up a girl.

It is only after that that we use a few angles of attack which can work every time! Get to work Gentlemen!

Love your life first.

If you are one of those who are morose from the first light of day, flirting and seducing girls is not for you!

Just know that as long as you do not feel a fabulous taste for life, it will be very difficult for you to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Especially with regard to your sentimental life, because in the eyes of any girl, there is nothing more beautiful than a man with an unconditional desire to live!

– Do not jealous others.

Does your colleague always pick up almost any girl?

Good for him! Do not compare yourself to him, it makes no sense, because you both lead completely different lives, each one with its own resources.

You too can pick up a girl, you just need to learn and practice how to pick up women.

In reality, the others are there to refer you to yourself, to show you that there are other choices than those you have made so far and to show you what it is possible to do otherwise.

Do not take your colleague as an intimidating role model, take it as a source of inspiration. Learn from him!

– Smiling is contagious.

If you did not get up on the right foot this morning, go flirting and seducing girls another day!

When you approach a girl for the first time, at a party, at the office or even on the street, even if you are relaxed and confident, it will not go without a nice smile and even better if you look happy !

A smile that would not make you look like the nicest guy around nor a true psychopath who holds it back, but the smile of a cool guy who is overflowing with enthusiasm and who enjoys his life to the full.

And talking about teeth, you must brush them often so you don’t scare girls away!

– Breathe.

Seducing a girl should not be a martyrdom! If the physical criterion is important to you, you must not stress until you have established a dialogue with your beautiful unknown.

Also, let go. You absolutely must embalm the positive attitude to optimize your chances of dating a girl.

Be cool, funny, crazy and desirable. Do not set goals, this is the best way to make things more difficult for you.

Just be happy to be on Earth, it’ll be known!

There are a lot of girls to flirt with and to seduce.

How to pick up a girl is just normal, it has to be something you could do every day like shopping.

– Be confident and control.

To seduce a perfect stranger, you should not hope to perform miracles.

The hardest thing to do is to start the discussion. An approach sentence that you master or that is related to the context will do the trick.

In my ebook The top 100 best flirting tips, I talk about confidence when it comes to picking up girls.

Needless to make it complicated and to look for a technique at the other end of the world, a simple “Hi, how are you?” Or a simple grip in relation to where you are may be sufficient.

After this first successful step, you will take control of the situation and you can then conduct the dialogue on a subject in which you are comfortable.

Making flirting and seducing a normal thing to do will allow the girl you want to pick up to be seduced.

 – Eccentricity is a plus.

According to the survey, girls will not leave you more than five minutes to try to hit on them.
So do not waste time!

You only have a few minutes to hit on a girl.

So you need to show eccentricity to captivate her attention.

It is often this part of your personality that you dare not to show, for fear of being judged and not being accepted by others.

On the contrary, you need to make it an asset and the courage you put into your approach should lead you to assume every trait of your personality.

– Do not play the “Seducer”.

For girls, the “seducer” is the heavy guy who unpacks a whole range of phrases to just sleep with them.

First, avoid talking about sex or the fact that the girl is particularly cute.

No girl wants to be considered a piece of meat!

Even if sleeping with them is an obvious goal, you must learn to make them dream first.

So, relax, if you want to get ehr, you have to hide or rather retain your final intentions. Start by talking quietly and naturally!

– Synchronize yourself with her.

Usually, the very first contact with an unknown person causes a relational malaise which can sometimes lead to repulsive behaviors.

Synchronization is a simple influence technique, to create a first sympathy relationship. In short, two people understand each other better if they feel like they are alike.

Also, to approach a girl, try to naturally copy her posture as well as her gestures. If she stands straight, stand straight, if she is bowed, do the same.

She can cross her legs, arms, put her hands on her thighs, you just have to follow.

If you do it naturally, but not like a puppet, you will see that the dialogue will get better.

– Work on your look.

There are those who are born with a “killer look” and those who are not.

Your look is one of the essential points that will play a very important part in flirting when you are chatting with a girl.

Everything goes by the look, much more than words. Also, do not lower your eyes, do not have your eyes looking somewhere else like you try to escape from this situation!
She might do the same if she sees you doing this.

Your look has to be insistent, or even hooked to her. Look at her straight in the eyes when you talk to her, and when you listen to her, at the same time nod your head.

The contact will be much stronger!

– Work on your sense of humor.

Who does not like humor? Definitely not a girl normally made!

Humor is particularly effective in flirting and seducing, because it both confers confidence, but also shows how sociable you are.

Humor and self-deprecation are also an effective way to show her that you assume your personality and that you do not take yourself too seriously.

By creating a situation conducive to relaxation, you will only increase her curiosity a little more to know you more.

And last and not least, it is often said that humor is the most advanced form of intelligence!

 – Do not play a role.

Many men fail in flirting and seducing because they tend to invent a life on the pretext that they do not succeed in seducing.

First, learn to know yourself so that you do not have to force yourself when you are in front of a girl.

You will thus display the best of yourself without lying. Girls are often attracted to true and direct men.

The others are treated as liars, seducers and storytellers, the day they realize very quickly their true personalities.

– Be frank and sincere with what you feel.

To dare to seduce is also to know how to be yourself and to have people respect you.

A woman who sees that you agree or follow her thougts on everything she says will drop you in the blink of an eye.

You do not like some of her convictions and do not adhere to some of her ideas?

Let her know with tact.

Do not have a big smile on your face when you just want to strangle her about something she said!

If despite your tact and your efforts the situation is blocked, do not be afraid of a small dispute, paradoxically, she will appreciate you all the more for your frankness!

– Be patient and take the time to listen.

Impatience is also one of the worst enemies of seduction.

Take the time to seduce her, flirt with her gently and gradually.

Questions that directly affect her love life, her ex-boyfriends, and worse, her sexual cravings are to be banished at first. Let her come on these matters.

And because you have two ears and one mouth, it is to listen twice as much as you speak! So you will learn more about your contact.

On your side, you must also remain as discreet as possible on your own love life.

– Compliment her.

Compliments you can tell her, but only when the conversation is well engaged.

Do not use it as a plan to approach her.

As quoted a little before in this article, you will look for a vulgar seducer.

Also, compliment her, but not on anything. To hit on her, there are two or three tricks to know, or rather some percentages of a poll, a big thank you to the statisticians!

62% of women adore their look, 58% of girls are proud of their smile and 44% feel that their main asset is their originality, their spontaneity.

And more generally, they also adore compliments on their outfit. Bet on these criteria and you’re done!

– Avoid the “Friend zone”.

You say yes to everything she says, you are kind, helpful, attentive, protective, …

Oh, but you are really a brother, an ideal friend for her!

The friend zone is what you want to avoid the most in flirt. If you end up in her friend zone, it’s over man!
Don’t expect to have sex with her, you will become her confident and nothing else!

Huge mistake, girls never sleep with friends or brother! So, tease her, be slightly wicked if necessary.

The friend zone is hell for seducers, you want to pick up a girl to have sex with her later on, to have a girl friend or a sex friend but don’t end up in the friend zone…

If during the first meetings she asks you to pay or to carry a few things, say no.

This is another way to show that you are not her minion, nor her friend, but a potential buddy. Spending hours talking on the phone can also lead directly to the box “Simple Friend”, because you will be able to reveal all at once!

– Touch her… or not.

You have to be careful with this technique, because ii is one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself from other men is to often touch the girls, some may not appreciate it.

The best thing is to try it as subtly as possible, touching her arm, lower back, directing her into a room, and so on.

Of course, first you must have put some comfort between the two of you.

Physical contact is a good match, and show some good skills such as leadership and social ease.

It is also a form of sexual energy in your behavior, allowing you to avoid the “friend zone” so much dreaded!

 – Talk about sex, if you want.

Yes, you can do it, but maybe only at the end of your flirting mission.

You will tell each other your conception of sex, what you like, your experiences,…

You will try to titillate her and make her crush.

It is an effective way to create sexual tension, you laugh, you joke, you talk freely about sex.

But you must not bring everything back to sex!

When you have chosen the right words and with a good sense of timing, maybe even the girl could speed up the process and you will then be forced to skip certain levels!

– Pass the test.

Your personality will contribute to a great extent to your success.

Moreover, some girls will test you and react in a completely unexpected way for the sole pleasure of seeing you get entangled like a big boy, and even if they are interested in you!

It is a very subtle psychological game that you will have to win to hope to make this unexpected opponent your girlfriend.

If she voluntarily puts you in difficulty, she will not wait for your silly smiles, but indeed a resistance, to feel a strong character and a strong presence, a real man who asserts himself!

– The game of hot and cold.

There are some girls who, when she met you the first time, showed you interest and then when you re-crisscrossed or spoke again, she did not care about you!

A real crazy thing! Well, this is called hot and cold.

Women love to use this strategy to make a man crazy. The funny thing is that it works tremendously on women too!

When a girl comes back to talk to you, you can play the indifferent guy, a little disinterested, as if you’d found a better girl than her.

It might work for you, but still at your own risk!

– Do not lose confidence in yourself.

You did not succeed the first time? It happens to everyone even the most pros!

The game is worth it, you must always be prepared to take two or three failures.

It’s when you bet big that you’ll win big, but you lose nothing if you fail. It is always an acquired experience because you will learn from your failures.

Moreover, it is better to be turned down after having tried everything than to make knots to the brain by thinking about the opportunity that you may have let pass!

Get hold of yourself and move on to another prey.

In my ebook, I talk about confidence which is a very important factor in flirting and seducing girl.

To pick up a girl takes preparation and practice.

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