Ways to know if a girl likes you

Ways to know if a girl likes you

How to know if a girl likes you.

How to know if a woman is attracted to you.

Signs a girl likes you, there are ways to know if a girl likes you.

To flirt and seduce a girl, you need to know if this girl is interested in you.

Whether you flirt at work, at the beach, in a bar, you need to have an idea to tell if this girls likes you or not.

So, we are going to talk about body language again as a girl’s attitude says a lot about what she is thinking of you.

To make it short, look at her behavior and you will know if this girl likes you or not.
Whether you have approached her already or trying to get eye contact, her behavior will tell you if she is interested or not.

It can be a way to avoid being turned down if you have not approached her yet or to know if you can approach her indeed and talk to her.

Body language is like your wingman in flirt and seduction, it helps you to know things that the girl will not tell you and that you have to guess looking at her body language.

Eye contact, proximity and other things that she will do indicating that she likes you.

How to tell if a girl is attracted to you:

The key is not to pay attention to what she says but what she does. The important thing is her attitude, her behavior.

Because girls do not really say what they think.
Why do not girls say what they think?

To protect their reputation. Not to be regarded as easy girls.

Girls do not want to be considered sluts who go with guys easily.

What would her girlfriends say if they saw her say yes to all the guys who come to flirt with her?
They would consider her an easy girl, quite simply…

This is the reason why a pretty girl always offers a minimum of resistance. She will never say directly that she wants to sleep with you, even if she dies of envy.

On the other hand, she will arrange to make you understand in a roundabout way that she likes you.
Focus on blatant signs of interest.

If you want to gauge the degree of interest of a girl, do not rely on what she tells you.

Concentrate on real signs of interest.

ย – If it’s a girl you haven’t approached yet.

There is some distance between you and her so, body language is going to be limited and you wait for a signal to go talk to her.

You probably guessed that this signal will be given by eye contact.

When you like a girl, you look at her, you have to attract her eyes on you, you are looking for eye contact, visual contact to engage your flirting technique.

Whether you are at a bar, club, you spot the girl you like and you wait to get eye contact.

You don’t stare at her of course otherwise you will look creepy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

At some point, the girl will notice your look, she will probably avoid it first because she will be surprised.

To know if a girl is interested in you, she will look at you too a little bit after.
Looking around and looking back at you, you need to get eye contact, eye contact flirting.

So when you have spotted a girl that you like, her main body language to tell you that she likes you will be eye contact.
You need to establish a visual contact to get a positive signal from her to approach her and to flirt with her.

That’s what you are looking for, eye contact, don’t stare but look at her from time to time to get her attention.
She will understand that you are trying to get her attention to show her that you are interested in her.
In return, she knows that you wait for a signal from her, positive or negative.

If it’s positive, you can approach her and go talk to her, she likes you so far so you can try to flirt with her to see what happens with that girl.

When you have eye contact, smile and she will smile back which means you can go talk to her.

ย – Let’s see now how to know if a girl likes you when you are talking to her.

Being in close contact with the girl you are flirting with, you will see additional body language besides eye contact.

If you are having a drink with her, sitting next to her, she will do things that will tell you if she likes you or not.

First, you have the eye contact of course, if a girl is not interested in you, she will start looking around if there is somebody else more interesting for her…

ย – The importance of eye contact.


Some girls exude a natural sensuality, sexy body, sexy look, etc…
You will notice the brightness in their eyes, in their mouth, in the extent of their gestures, but nothing is more important than that look.

Some guys will tell you that just looking at a girl’s eyes can tell you if she is just waiting to have sex with you.
If you can feel this call to sex in the eyes of your target, and that’s where seduction plays, it’s a real game of pleasure, a shared pleasure, alchemy is present.

It is with these sensual and sexy girls that you almost want to make the game last, you want the seduction part to never stop.

You know that they are interested and open, they know that you are going to engage in a romantico-sexual partnership, you just have to fix the terms of your relationship to have fun in all simplicity.

When eye contact does not tell everything, her body language will play a great deal to determine whether she is interested or not.

ย – She laughs at your jokes… even the least funny ones.


If a girl you are flirting with smiles a lot and laughs, it’s a very good sign for you.

If a woman behaves like your best fan, if she laughs at your jokes, encourages you to talk and continues your storytelling, and she keeps a smug smile throughout your conversation , you can be sure that she appreciates your presence.

When a woman laughs, it is also a way for her to encourage you to continue the conversation with her.
So you know what else you have to do!

Smiling and making a girl laugh is essential in flirt and seduction.
A woman who laughs is halfway in bed like I often say in my articles and flirting tips.

Smiling and laughing means that she is having a good time in your presence.

I also wrote an article about how to make a girl laugh if you want to check it out:

ย – She offers you a sip of her glass.

How to Know If a Woman Is Attracted to You

Are you in a club or in a bar and the girl suggests you to soak your lips or drink with the second straw in her glass? She tells you something like “you should taste it, it’s too good”? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good for you !

Whenever it happened to me, I can tell you that I was soaking my lips in her mouth 5 minutes later! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sharing her glass is like a prekiss, she wants to share her saliva with you, she wants to be intimate.

This kind of proposition proves one thing: that the girl in front of you is (at least unconsciously) ready to become more intimate with you.

This is one of the best things that can happen to you when you flirt!
Personally, I love it, when a girl asks me if I want to taste her drink, you know that she is giving you a big signal there.
She wants to be more intimate with you, sharing a drink is not something that you do with anybody.

Last time it happened to me, I was not even flirting with this girl, she looked good, I was sitting next to her and she asked me if I wanted to try her Mojito.
Damn, what a lucky night! She was thirsty but not for just a Mojito! ๐Ÿ˜‰

ย – She plays with her hair.


That’s another one, a girl who is comfortable with you will touch her hair.

She will play with hair, curling them with her fingers, it means that she is happy an comfortable with you.

You will notice if sometimes, they don’t all do that but sometimes some girls do it.

Next time you see it, you will think about this article and will remember about this flirting tips.
Some girls like to play with their hair when they feel comfortable, it’s body language, they don’t control it, they just do it to express a feeling.

Body language tells you then how she is feeling with you, she does not have to tell you, you just have to understand her body language.

I like to see a girl playing with her hair, I get the signal that she is very interested and comfortable with me.

You can also try at some point to pass your fingers in her hair, or to put back her hair in the back or around her ear depending how is her haircut.
It’s a way to get closer and to test her too to see if she feels comfortable when you touch her.

You can also taker her hair from her back neck, very sensual to touch the back neck.

– Proximity and touching.


Another way to tell if a girl likes is her proximity with you, if she sits close to you, touches you with her leg.

If the contact with your leg does not bother her and if she likes this physical contact, then this girl is interested in you.

When you look to touch someone it means that you like this person and you look to be more intimate with the person next to you.

You can also gently touch her hand, her hair like said previously, if she accepts your physical contact, it means that this girls likes you.

A girl not interested will not sit close to you or will not even touch you.
It’s like the sip of her glass, she looks to share things with you and if she looks for physical contact with you, it means that she is attracted to you.

That’s a big signal, a very positive sign of interest, her body language tells you everything about her feelings.

Being close to you, touching you is a way to tell that a girl is interested in you and likes you.

Later on, if she is still close to you, you can try to kiss her on the chick to see her reaction.
First, you can try passing your hand in her hair telling her she is pretty or that she has nice hair, she will be happy to hear a compliment about her.

It can only make her want to be closer and intimate with you.

She looks at your lips.

Another sign showing if a girl is interested in you is when she looks at your lips when you talk.

Her body language tells you that she will be open for a kiss sooner or later by looking at your lips when you talk to her.

She’s attracted to you and your lips.

It also means that she likes to listen to you and follow your conversation.

She might also lick her lips which is a positive and sensual sign that she is interested in an intimate relationship with you.

ย – She asks you more or less finely if you have a girlfriend.

When a girl talks to you and begins to feel attracted to your charms, she often tries to find out if you are free or not

She rarely asks you directly (“Do you already have a girlfriend?”). But she goes fishing for information

She asks you questions like, “Who do you live with?” “Or “With whom did you go on vacation?”, “With whom did you go to this concert?”, depending on what you told her before during your discussion.

This kind of not so innocent questions is an excellent indicator of her interest.

More than body language, she is talking and asking questions hiding the real purpose of her questions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is a classic to ask these innocent questions in appearance, I also use them to know if a girl is single, it works every time.
If you know that a girl has gone on vacation with her boyfriend, you know that your flirting plan is over so you have to move on to another girl.

Here, the girl you are flirting with will do the same with you if she is interested in you and attracted to you.
A woman will test you too when she flirts or gets hit on by a man she likes!

Innocent questions in appearance but not really. ๐Ÿ˜‰
As a good seducer, you follow my flirting tips, you know that these questions are useful weapons to get information about the girl you are flirting with.

When you will hear these questions from a girl, you will then know that she is trying to learn things about you because she is interested in you precisely.

Another effective way to know that a girl likes you and is attracted to you.

ย – She is being a little bit jealous.

I have noticed that many times when talking and flirting with a girl.

They check if you are looking at other girls around and let you know about it.
A girl will point another girl and will tell you: “Oh, you like that girl?” because she will have noticed or think that you are looking at other girls around.

It clearly means that she is interested in you but she thinks that you are not and that you are looking for someone else.

You can smile and tell her that you are interested in her, women needs to be reassured so do it and make her feel good. (Even though you might be looking around indeed).

Girls have a good eye, cheetah eyes ;), you have to be very discreet when you check her out or when you look around.

So, a girl who is interested in you will check if you are not looking at other girls.
A woman wants to see that you are interested in her.
The fact that she is being a little bit jealous means that she likes you, another sign to know if a girl is attracted to you.

ย – She asks questions.

Another sign that this girl is attracted to you is when she asks you questions showing that she is interested in you.

There might be some blanks in a conversation, if she keeps the conversation going by talking or asking you questions, it means that this woman likes you.

She wants to keep talking to you, spend more time with you, she wants to know you more and keeping the conversation alive.

You have in this article a lot of signs to help you to know if a girl likes you.

Try to memorize these signs and ways to know if a woman is attracted to you so that when you will notice these signs or body language, you will know that something is going on positively for you when you are flirting with a girl.

Our mind controls our body and reactions in every situation, when you are happy, sad, scared, excited, horny, attracted, in love.
It’s the same with girls, their mind makes their body do things, you just need to understand their body language to know if a girl likes you or not.

A lot of men do not know some of these signs, like a girl playing with her hair, many guys have no idea what it means, that this girl is comfortable in your presence and happy to spend some time with you.

Here is you have a complete list of femal body language when a girl is attracted to you and enjoys your presence.

When you see these signs or this body language, you know that you can go further with her like kissing her, taking her somewhere else or even at your place if you see a hot and strong body language.

With hot body language, you can kiss her and get a one night stand in some situations.
It will depend how things go, how hot will be her body language with you, how close she will be when you flirt with her.

You will just have to read her body language.

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