Technique to approach a girl

Technique to approach a girl

Technique to approach a girl.

Approaching tips to approach and hit on a girl you like.

How to approach a girl, to flirt you must first approach a woman.

Approaching technique to flirt with a girl.

You have found a cute girl? But how to approach her? What are you going to tell her?

These are the first questions that paralyze most of us and even worse when we project ourselves into the mind of the girl in question: “What will she think? ”

Certainly, approaching a girl can be intimidating, but there are approaching techniques that work, far from the somewhat cumbersome approaches and phrases that no one will want to hear.

The art of seduction begins with the art of approaching a girl.

Make eye contact.

Before you even approach a girl, first try to make eye contact.

When you see the girl you are interested in, take a look elsewhere a few minutes before looking at her again.

If she too looks at you, she sees your quick glances, she will understand that she catches your attention and you are interested in her, contact is established!


A small friendly smile, quite natural, is a good way to show her that she is the one you are interested in.

Most often, smile is contagious, and when she smiles back, it is a good sign that the interest is shared or at least you will have to interpret it as an invitation to approach her. So, come closer!

However, even if she does not smile back at you, keep your smile on and approach her.

An approaching technique with a smile, a girl will not turn down a guy who approaches heru with a smile.

 Be Self-Confident.

Your attitude and your posture will testify to your confidence, it is important in the technique of approach to dredge a girl.

If you seem embarrassed to take the first step, if you do not seem to trust yourself, it is unlikely that you will make a good impression on her.

But all the same, do not act like these young boasters who are far too sure of themselves and who all seem to be seducers looking for a prey!

Be sure of yourself, self-confident and trust your potential without doing too much.
Being natural is often the best of trumps.

Use indirect approach phrases.

The too direct approach sentences often tend to be cumbersome!

Similarly, the best approach sentence is the one you did not use on a hundred girls just before.
A naive sentence spontaneously said will do a much better effect than any other sentence a little heavy or mechanically repeated, however good it may be.

It is better to use context-sensitive indirect sentence phrases, for example, “I like your sweater, where did you buy it? »…

The kind of attitude that shows that you are interested in her without actually focusing solely on her physical appearance.

Moreover, these questions require answers, the conversation is engaged!

Do not take all her time.

In order not to risk a spontaneous refusal, it is better to tell her right away in a roundabout way how long your conversation will last.

Get off at the next station, have to meet your friends within a few minutes, an urgent appointment after…
Just as many excusess that have a reassuring side because she will know immediately that you are not a serial seducer or a heavy talker and that the conversation will not last long.

Be sincere and natural, if she’s not interested, do not insist.

If on the contrary she seems to want to go further, exchange your contact information or phone number.

And even if the conversation goes well, do not forget to leave to better see her again later in order to flirt and seduce her!

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