Mistakes men make in bed

24 mistakes men make in bed

24 Mistakes men make in bed.

Mistakes men make while having sex with women.

Things women hate during sex!

A man easily tends to think that he is good in bed and that he does not make any mistakes.

Essentially because his partner, girlfriend or wife will not dare telling him anything.

Are you making mistakes in bed? Check out this list to find out.

See the mistakes guys make in bed.

There might be some mistakes you never thought about and which can easily turn women off!

It’s better to know the mistakes to avoid in bed with a woman.

So here are 24 Mistakes men make in bed.

  • Mistake # 1 – Neglecting foreplay.


Even if men know that their companion needs foreplay to enjoy sex, they do it because it is a necessary thing to do and to get what they want.

So, often, men neglect foreplay and are pretty fast to do it in order to get to vaginal sex for their own pleasure.

Avoiding sometimes, sexting, undressing her in a sensual way, or sometimes no cunnilingus.

Is this really a mistake? Yes!

Spend 15 min minimum in foreplay in bed.

To offer an orgasm to her partner, a man must stimulate her by kisses, tender words and caresses.

It’s about raising the level of excitement and awakening sexual areas.

The solution: It is necessary to exchange kisses, caresses, be sensual and tender so that she appreciates this moment as much as you.

Slow kisses, sucking of the tongue, without forgetting her face, her hair,…

  • Mistake # 2 – Being too vigorous.


Men under the influence of testosterone (male hormone) may be a little too vigorous.

Is this really a mistake? Yes and no.

This craze translates an intense excitement, a desire difficult to manage, it is actually rather flattering!

However, man must learn to master his gestures…

The solution: Let her take your hand to guide your gestures on her body to have fun together. It can be fun for a guy to be guided.

  • Mistake # 3 – Not making the pleasure last.


Because man manages to come in a few minutes, he can come too fast, not giving enough time for a woman to come too.

So he does not imagine spending more time on coitus.

Is this really a mistake? Yes!

This goes against the physiological needs of women.

To stimulate her desire, man must multiply caresses, feelings and compliments.

Her sexual mucous membranes do not moisten on average until after 10 minutes of foreplay or pleasure.

The solution: You have to learn how her body works and what you need to pleasure a woman and not thinking only of you own pleasure and orgasm.

You can also learn how to avoid coming or ejaculation too fast, with a penis ring or some specific spray gel.
When you masturbate, you can practice stopping your ejaculation.

  • Mistake # 4 – Sex has become routine.


Because a the man, it’s simple.

If there is orgasm… coitus is necessarily satisfactory.

He therefore does not see the interest of complicating the task by being particularly inventive and surprising.

Is this really a mistake? Yes of course!

Pleasure can not rhyme with habit, routine is a scourge that removes all its subtleties from the sexual act.

The solution: To spice up your relationship and your sex life a little, offer to discover new sensations.

For example, suggest that she test the inner caress (between the penis and the vagina).
It is “to alternate deep and superficial movements, up and down, to alternate rhythm.”

You can also use sextoys, uniforms to get out of the daily routine in sex and have some fun together.

  • Mistake # 5 – Thinking only of vaginal pleasure.


All men are more or less obsessed with vaginal orgasm.

The reason is simple, it is the most difficult orgasm to give, the most coveted, the one that your penis triggers…
Some kind of heroic conquest!

Is this really a mistake? Yes and no.

If a man puts a formidable good will to give a vaginal orgasm to his partner, it should not be blamed!

On the other hand, it is not necessary that this fierce quest make him forget the rest…

The solution: Learn how you can get her to clitoral orgasm and learn about the strengths of foreplay.

  • Mistake # 5 – Thinking above all of your pleasure.


Because love is selfishness and altruism at the same time,.

For men, it is much simpler to be selfish because, unlike women, they reach orgasm in a few minutes.

Is this really a mistake? Yes!

A man in a hurry ejaculates quickly and leaves his partner hungry for more sex.

Result: she has less and less desire and can refuse to make love.

The solution: Remember that the act of love is an exchange.
Moreover, you must understand that by adopting a more generous attitude, you could receive much more from her.

  • Mistake # 6 – Focusing on breasts and sex.


Sex and breasts (mainly the nipples) are of course very sensitive areas, and men know it!

For them, it’s like pressing a button to get what they want. 😉

Is this really a mistake? It is a mistake if your man thinks that by stimulating only those two areas, he will get to serious things faster.

The solution: Look around, there are other erogenous zones to stimulate on a woman’s body like her neck, buttocks, stomach, feet, ears, etc…

  • Mistake # 7 – Controlling everything.


Man has always been afraid of women, and much more in bed!

His supreme fear is to humble himself before you. To avoid this, he wants to control everything.

Is this really a mistake? Of course!

This behavior is problematic because under the weight of directives, a woman no longer dares to express her desires.

The solution: If you control everything, it is because you might be in fact not very confident.

Show that it is not the fact and let her take things in hands sometimes during sex, she will enjoy it!

A woman knows how to pleasure a man, let her do things to you in bed, you will enjoy it too when she’s in control of your penis in her hands.

  • Mistake # 8 – Insisting on doing it!


There is a gap between the needs of men and women.

Medically, this shift would be linked to the production of greater amounts of testosterone in men, the hormone of desire.

For her part, the woman, less frequently satisfied, would also experience less desire.

Is this really a mistake? Yes.

It is up to you to be more satisfactory, not to the woman to force her desire.

The solution: You have to arouse desire in your partner…

For example clitoris stimulation.
It’s about getting a clitoral orgasm while stimulating the vagina and clitoris to awaken her to pleasure.

  • Mistake # 9- Falling asleep after sex.


Physiologically, male orgasm triggers the release of endorphins, hormones of pleasure and satisfaction, and causes sleep.

Is this really a mistake? Yes, because even if this reaction is scientifically normal, it is not pleasant for a woman! Woman is not an object left behind when you have come.

The solution: If kept awake by a pleasant activity for a while, the desire to sleep fades with the effect of endorphins. You can make pleasure last more by offering a massage, while talking for example.

  • Mistake # 10 – Testing unusual sexual positions.


Many sexual positions in male fantasies of domination for example, his need to master.

But in his eyes they are in no way attached to a desire for humiliation or mockery…
On the contrary, it is for a man, very serious.

Is this really a mistake? Not really.

The positions of this erotic art are very sensual and have nothing vulgar.

Often a man takes a look at them full of desire, without the will to hinder his companion.

But some sexual positions can unconfortable for some women or they could find them degrading.

The solution: Some sexual positions can be unconfortable or degrading for a woman, ask your companion what she finds exciting. To show her that you see neither evil nor ridicule when trying new sexual positions.

Trying too many sexual positions can also be negative to please a woman in bed.

  • Mistake # 11 – Having sex on the same rythm.


Because the rapid movements of your penis inside the vagina ensure maximum pleasure in a minimum of effort and time.

A man is always obsessed with the mastery of his erection: Afraid of losing it, so he rushes…

Is this really a mistake? Yes and no.

Of course, the relationship is more pleasant when a man alternates the rhythm of the back and forth, but in the event of erectile dysfunction, the fear of losing the erection justifies an excess of velocity.

The solution: Learn how to make your erection last by controlling you ejaculation.

It is then easier to vary your movements.

When a man feels intense pleasure at the base of the penis, his orgasm is imminent.

  • Mistake # 12 – Being silent during sex.


During sex, the man is generally quieter than his companion…

Men do not need to express themselves to guide their partner since penetration gives them automatic pleasure.

Women, on the contrary, use method to direct their man to orgasm.

Is this really a mistake? Yes and no.

Orgasm is stronger when it is exposed.

A man therefore misses new sensations, but it is up to him to decide whether he wants to be more talkative during sexual intercourse.

The solution: Learn how to express your pleasure, with your facial expression or moan!

Man must understand that it is important for his partner to be guided.

  • Mistake # 13 – Not listening to her desires.


A man takes much trouble to appear self-confident…

But basically, he knows that his manhood is always questionable.

Virility remains a role that he has learned and that his partner can question at any time.

Pay attention to her desires, her body language during sex, her sounds or what she might ask you to do to her.

You can also ask her what she wants or what she likes in bed.

Is this really a mistake? Yes!

Women should not mistakenly believe that they appreciate certain practices, because for a man this silence is interpreted as a right not to improve.

The solution: A man can accept criticism if his partner does not shake his manhood.

Example: “It’s okay to not always do well” rather than “You do not listen to me when I say it’s not good.”

Listen to her desires and expectations or comments to be better in bed to make her come.

  • Mistake # 14 – Neglecting intimate hygiene before sex!


For a man, he thinks he has no secretion on a daily basis, so in the eyes of man, his penis has a healthy appearance.

Is this really a mistake? The penis, especially when it is not circumcised, is carrying microbes.

A man must therefore like a woman, pay attention to his intimate hygiene.

But you do not have to smell just like a good fragrance, because the body odors, up to 4 hours after a shower, are very aphrodisiac!

But you can also put on some good perfume, women love it when you flirt with them or when having sex.

The same thing for a good deodorant.

The solution: Be clean, take showers, clean your penis, dry it good so it does not smell bad!
I talk about hygiene in many articles and in my ebook The top 100 best flirting tips to meet and seduce women.

You have to be clean and smell good otherwise women will run away from you, it’s normal.

You can also buy a specific intimate soap to clean your penis, it might be a good idea sometimes.

  • Mistake # 15 – Having sex like in a porn movie.


Men have sex education with pornographic images since teen age.

Is this really a mistake? Yes because pornography is the worst example to follow…

They show women who come fast and do not expect any feeling.

These images do not allow to develop any erotic imagination, and complicate the notion of performance.

Many guys have a big penis which is not normal either. Many take Viagra to perform so there is nothing real in porn videos compared to real life and real sex.

And there is no love in porn videos, just sex and fake orgasm.

The solution: Get back to reality, you do not have orgasm in 10 minutes, you need foreplay, and she does not like violence because she is a woman, not a porn actress!

Women must insist on their need for quality and not quantity of fun.

  • Mistake # 16 – Talking about your ex!


Men love to brag and seek the admiration of their partner.

Exposing their past trophy makes it possible to protect themselves in case of a possible failure of performance.

Or a man might want to complain about his partner comparing her to an EX GF.
Big mistake to make when you flirt or date and also during sex, no woman wants to hear about your ex or to be compared to your previous girlfriend.

You will get in an argument right away instead of having good sex with her.

Is this really a mistake? Yes!

This can have serious consequences for a woman… Loss of confidence, devaluation.

This is how some people begin to simulate or refuse sex.

The solution: Do not mention your EX when you have sex or when you flirt with a girl.

  • Mistake # 17 – No more kisses.


When a man does not kiss his partner, routine is often involved…

With time, men do not kiss anymore, when they have what they wanted, they no longer seek sensuality.

Is this really a mistake? Not only.

When a lack of desire grows between two people, usually both of them are responsible.

The solution: Forget sexual penetration for an evening, dedicated solely to the search for desire.

An evening dedicated to kisses and mutual caresses that must not end in sexual intercourse.

  • Mistake # 18 – Forgeting to shave before sex.


For men, shaving is not always very pleasant, I don’t like to shave either.

Many men prefer to limit this gesture to the comfort of their skin, quite simply.

But it’s easy to hurt a woman’s sking with your beard, her face, or when you give her a cunnilingus.
Her skin is very sensitive, you have to be careful.

Is this really a mistake? It is good for a man to let his skin rest from time to time, however even if the beard of the day can be nice for a woman, the risk of irritation persists.

The solution: Look for tips to make shaving less painful: shave in the morning, proscribe disposable razors, apply very hot water to the cheeks before shaving, moisturize your skin after…

  • Mistake # 19 – Too much hair on your body!


On your chest, stomach, legs or even around your penis you have a lot of hair?

Is this really a mistake? Yes and no.

Some women like to see a little bit of hair but otherwise, get rid of your unwanted hair.

The solution: Shave it, cut it, wax it but do something, don’t look like a monkey!

Also, do not forget your armpits and, cut your pubic hair with scissors.

  • Mistake # 20 – Keeping your socks…


Many guys tend to think that they look ok with their socks on…

It might be comfortable but it turns women off!
Especially if your socks look like the one on the picture just above.

Women hate to see a guy naked wearing socks, believe  me!
Making love with a girl wearing sex can turn a man on but it does not work the other way…

Many women complain about this when they have sex with a man, many of them keep their socks on, so sexy…

So now, you know, take off your socks when you are with a woman before having sex if you don’t want to turn her off.

You can read my article about the things that turn women off: https://bestflirtingtips.com/things-that-turn-women-off.

  • Mistake # 21 – Forgetting to cut your nails.


Long nails can scratch a lady’s vagina, body or face without taking care.

Cut your nails… and make them soft.

A simple fragment badly polished can trigger an intense pain like if you are going to finger your partner.

  • Mistake # 22 – Keeping your sexual fantasies for yourself.


Communication is the key to have good sex and pleasure with your partner.

If you have some fantasies, tell her about it and see if she wants to try to realize some of them.

You can also ask her what fantasies she has and if she wants to realize them with you.

Keeping things for yourself and especially your fantasies is not a good idea to have good sex.

You have to communicate with your partner to spice up your sex life to avoid daily routine and boring sex!

You can read my article about uniform fantasies: https://bestflirtingtips.com/spice-up-your-sex-life-with-uniforms-and-role-play-scenarios.

  • Mistake # 23 – Not knowing how to undress her.


If you want to turn a woman off, not being able to undress her in a sexy way could be a solution.

Women are turned off when a man cannot take off their lingerie or their bras.

You need to know how to undress a woman in bed and in a sensual way if possible.

You have to practise, buy some lingerie to learn how to take them off, it will be useful to be sensual with a woman when you undress her before sex.

If you get stuck with her bras, you will look stupid, she will be turned off, that’s a detail you have to work on to be good in bed and during foreplay especially.

  • Mistake # 24 – Waking her up at night or early in the morning when you have an erection.


Men are like this, they can have a natural morning erection or in the night.

With this hard erection, a man is tempted to wake his partner up to make love and have sex.
He wakes her up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and makes her realize that he wants sex but she is sleeping and is not horny or in the mood to make love or have sex.

It is necessary to know that the morning erection is a natural reaction, a man does not control it.

And about your girl sleeping, it’s a bit like you, would you like to be woken up to do something you do not want or are not willing to do?

A mistake that some men make in bed when they have their natural erection that can occur at night or otherwise very early in the morning.

These morning or nocturnal erections may be due to erotic dreams for example, a man does not control them.

Solution: You can see if your partner wants to make love and have sex, if not, let her sleep.
You can also masturbate if you really need it. 😉

I hope this article will help you to be better in bed and to avoid making some mistakes many men make.

If you were making some of these mistakes, you now know how to correct them.

Maybe you also learned about other mistakes men make in bed and that you did not know of.

Some things can turn women off but if nobody tells you, you would have not idea that this or that turns off women during sex or foreplay.

It’s easy for men to make mistakes in bed, especially when you have been some time with your partner, you might neglect some details.

And when meeting a new girl to have sex with her, be clean and smell good.

I talk about it in my ebook The Top 100 best flirting tips, you have to be clean and smell good when you flirt but also during sex.
If you smell under your arms, a bad breath and if your penis smells very bad, you will not see that girl again I tell you!

So, check out this list of mistakes men make in bed to be good in bed and to make your girl happy!

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