The secret to getting laid

The secret to getting laid

The secret to getting laid.

The secret to getting a woman in bed.

How to seduce a girl and bring her into your bed.

When you flirt with a girl, it can be for several reasons, one can look for a serious relationship as one can also look for a one night stand on Tinder for example.

A man seeks woman also to make love, we are made this way, to say things crudely, we want to fuck, let’s say it!

And to fuck, well, you must attract a girl in your bed (and if possible a pretty girl), we do not make love alone or it is called masturbation.

When you flirt and seduce a girl, you try to attract a woman in bed.

Women are still a mystery to us, they seem ok to something with you but the next second they act completely different.

The thing is that many guys just do one thing, they wait to see a girl they really like to go hit on her.
He has no girls around him to flirt with, he sees one he likes, goes flirt with her, gets turned down and goes back to where he was just before with no girls around him to hit on.
And no girl to get laid with then!

His flirting technique is too static, he’s not moving to hit on girls. He’s horny when he sees one girl he likes but he is very frustrated in the end as he has no other girls to hit on and no women in his bed to get laid.
His main mistake is to focus on flirting with just one girl he likes a lot.

If you really want to get laid, you need to hit on a lot of girls and different kinds of girls.
You need approaches, phone numbers, dates to get girls in your bed and to get laid.
Concentrating your flirting efforts on just one girl because you like her is not going to take you anywhere and no lay!

A few attempts will get you one lay or even more probably.
It’s a question of numbers, if you want to get laid, you have to hit on many girls.
The more you will have prospects to hit on, the more girls you will have in your bed I promise.

Tell me how many targets you have on your phone right now and I will tell you how many girls you will get in bed.

Having girls in your bed and getting laid depends on how dynamic you are with your flirting strategy, momentum!

You won’t get a pretty girl in your bed right away, just like that.
It takes action and patience while doing your flirting game.
If you want a pretty girl in your bed, you will have to approach and hit on many girls first!

So what is the meaning of this flirting game if I have to hit on girls I don’t especially like?

When you start hitting on girls and flirting, the girls will not be very cute.
Mostly basic looking girls will be ok for a one night stand.

But then, after some time, a better looking girl will go with you for a one night stand.

Your flirting technique will get better with time until some pretty girls will get into your flirting game and end up in your bed to get laid with you.
Getting laid requires some practise with “normal” girls first to get the hot girls afterwards.

It’s always good to hit on girls that you don’t really find attractive, it’s good practise, even after years of flirting.
Practising, learning while flirting and hitting on basic looking girls, you will get better in order to get the pretty ones in your bed.

You can have a good looking girl in your bed sometimes but most of the girls around you are not that good looking, just normal looking.

The secret of getting laid is hard work on the field.
Go hit on many girls, learn, practise, get that experience in flirt and seduction to get the girls in your bed.
If you flirt and hit on girls with momentum, dynamism, you will get girls in your bed and get laid, it’s all about numbers.


You can read books about flirt and seduction like my ebook The top 100 best flirting tips, you can read blogs like my blog too with many flirting tips and seduction advice from professional seducers.
You will learn from our experience but if you don’t go hit on girls and flirt, you won’t be good.
And then, no girls in your bed, you won’t get laid.

You can read and learn about flirting techniques, effective seduction but it’s out there that you will learn it and will seduce girls.

If you want to lure a woman into your bed and fuck, it’s the same, you have to go on the field.
Reading flirting tips is helpful of course, there are plenty of ideas to take and apply on the field when you flirt with women.
But the secret of attracting a woman in your bed and to get laid is to hit on and flirt with a lot of girls, volume, there are some who will say yes and come.

This is the secret to attracting a woman in bed and getting laid, motivation and action.

Like a sales man meeting prospects, there is always one who will say yes, women are the same, you must find the women who will say yes to you.
But you have to approach a lot of girls and not just one you like.
To me, that’s the secret of getting laid, hit on a lot of girls, don’t focus on just one or you limit your chances to have girls in your bed.

All you have to do now is to take action on the field and approach as many girls as possible to get a girl into your bed and to get laid. (And more than one)

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