Tips to improve your sex life

Tips to improve your sex life!

Tips to improve your sex life!

How to improve your sex life before it’s too late.

Don’t fall into daily routine, whether you are getting older or just because you do the same in bed every time!

You intend to take control of your sex life, but you do not know where to start?

I suggest this simple monthly program that you can customize according to your preferences.

Do not put yourself under any pressure.

Know that the quality of a sex life does not depend on the number of times you have sex, but on the happiness that comes with it.

1- Make yourself beautiful.

To feel good with sexual life, you must first and foremost be desirable.

Wear the clothes that give you confidence and pay close attention to your appearance as often as possible.

2- Eat well.

Simply eating and moving daily can improve your sexual performance. Take care of your body and believe in the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

3- Get to know each other.

In order to move towards a sex life that suits you, it is extremely important to know your sexual preferences.

List what makes you horny and what you like about your sexuality.

4- Take time for yourself.

Get some distance.

Do activities alone or with friends if you get bored of your partner. The distance creates connection.

5- Take time as a couple.

Although it is important to take time for yourself, quality moments spent in a relationship are just as important. Do unusual activities to keep the routine as far away as possible.

6- Think sensuality.

A sex life is not complete without sensuality.

Bet on hugs, kisses without necessarily going to the sexual relation.

Sensuality increases desire for sure.

7- Kissing languorously.

sensuality and affection in a couple

The more years pass, the less kisses are languorous.

We kiss by habit and not by desire.

Take the time to kiss as you did at the beginning.

Remember the first endless goodbye kisses!

8- Give a massage.

We often hear about it, but it is true that massages are extremely beneficial for sexuality.

They bring relaxation and make us rediscover the body of our partner.

9- Ask her for a massage.

Sometimes it is better to ask for it than to wait for the other to take the initiative.

We may wait less time… Do not be shy to tell her how good it is!

10- Erotic games.

erotic games in a couple

A good way to change the sexual routine is to play sexy games with your partner.

The tests from these games will help you find the imagination to put a little spice in your sex life!

11- Try sex toys.

sex toys to spice up your sex life

As long as you go to an erotic shop to buy a game, why not take a look at sex toys?

There is something for everyone, and it’s also a great way to improve your knowledge of your sexual preferences!

12- Watch a porn video.

Viewing an erotic film or a xxx video, alone or with your partner, greatly increases excitation and sexual desire.

If you watch a porn or erotic movie together, take care to choose well together for each partner to enjoy.

13- Reading an erotic story.

We do not always think about it, but reading an erotic story can become very exciting!

As much in duet as in solo, it feeds the erotic imagination and increases sexual desire.

The biggest challenge is to read it to the end!

14- Make an outing with friends.

It may seem basic, but going out with friends and your partner makes us see a side of her that we do not always see.

Her humor, the way of expressing herself, etc., help us to see from the outside the reasons of our love for this person. And this spark increases desire!

15- Erotic Scenarios.

Role plays are very popular among couples who want to put a little spice into their sex lives.

Just feel someone else for a moment to realize our erotic power. Dare!

16- Touch the sensitive zones…

Here is a good reminder of sensuality.

To brush gently, to breathe warmly on the erogenous zones, to touch the tip of the lips without necessarily kissing are excellent ways to boost excitement!

17- Mention in detail what excites you.

I’ve often mentioned it, but putting into words what excites you sexually makes you aware of the wide range of sexual preferences you have.

18- Take control.

Do not be passive in your sexuality.

Do not wait for the other to take the first steps and control everything in bed. Take the lead and trust yourself!

19- Take a drink.

When there is no abuse, alcohol can be a sexual ally.

Why not take the time to enjoy a cocktail to reduce the stress of the day?
This moment of relaxation can be very beneficial for reconciliations!

20- Erotic pictures.

Without being professional photographers, it can be very exciting to perform a session of erotic pictures with your partner!

Take seductive poses and immortalize these moments in a well-guarded place!

21- Watch each other masturbate.

Masturbation can be practiced as a duo as well as solo.

It can be very exciting to caress yourself by watching the other one do the same!

23- Make a small video and / or surprise erotic photo.

From a sexy angle, take a picture (or video) and send her the result on her smartphone.

The other partner will be very excited to make this beautiful discovery and will probably want to do just as much!

24- Surprise her!

The best sex moments are those that are not planned.

Stroke your partner when she least expects it (while watching TV or when working on the computer…).

You will get a lot of pleasure too!

Try new sexual positions to surprise her or have sex in an unusual place like a park, car, plane, lift, etc…

25- Oral sex.

Sexuality goes far beyond penetration and oral sex can be a great alternative.

Practice oral sex or cunnilingus as often as you like.

26- Do not feel guilty about the frequency of sexual intercourse.

Bet on quality and not quantity.

Many couples are very happy and the frequency of their sexual intercourse is well below the famous “three times a week.

Go ahead according to your own preferences.

27- Turn off TV, internet and phone.

Technology can become very irritating factors to sex life. We must maximize quality time together!

28- Take care of your body.

Get moving!

Nothing better to feel good about yourself!

The better you are with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with your sexuality.

29- Take a shower or a bath together.

These moments under water are privileged moments in couple.

The sensations are not the same and the caresses are different.

30- Buy something sexy for her.

sexy lingerie to spice up your sex life

Start a challenge. Everyone on your side, go buy something sexy for your partner (lingerie, sex toys, massage oil, etc…) and offer it at a romantic evening!

Have fun!

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