Wearing socks helps women to have an orgasm

Wearing socks helps women to have an orgasm

Wearing socks helps women to have an orgasm.

Wearing socks improves female orgasm.

Who would have believed this, a woman can come more easily by wearing socks during sex.

Here’s a nice excuse to make your girlfriend wear sexy socks when making love.

You have there great arguments to make her wear long sexy socks as in the photo attached to this article.

It is often said that socks are a love killer and it’s actually true when it is men who keep their socks on during sex.
A man who wears socks before or during sex is one of the things that women hate in bed as I say in my article https://bestflirtingtips.com/things-that-turn-women-off.

Socks can disinhibit a woman in bed while sexy little socks will turn a man on in bed.
Men and women are not excited in the same way in bed and before sex.

Small socks or long socks, this can be an erotic accessory to turn a man on in bed.
Wearing socks boosts your libido in bed.

Indeed, wearing socks would help and improve orgasm according to some serious studies carried out on women.

  • The warmth brought by the socks relaxes.


Gert Holstege, a researcher at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, explains that wearing socks helps a woman to come easier as the warmth brought by the socks relaxes the woman who can have an orgasm easier.

This state of relaxation causes a dilation of the vessels which thus favors female orgasm.

Having cold feet does not help with orgasm, it may be an element that could even prevent it.
Cold feet would cause a blockage during sex and would complicate female orgasm.

The warmth, the comfort, the excitement make a woman come more easily than without socks.

Wearing socks would help women to come when they make love, this is good news.

An orgasm by wearing socks, who would have believed it?

  • Socks improve blood circulation.

Another argument evoked that would indicate that socks would help women to have an orgasm, improved blood circulation.

Socks would improve blood circulation, the influx of blood to the brain and therefore an easier orgasm when wearing socks.

But are there any concrete figures to support these statements about socks that help women to come?

Yes, some studies have checked whether women who wear socks have more orgasms than women who do not.

  • 80% of women who wear socks have had an orgasm against 50% without socks!


The study of the researcher Gert Holstege in Holland has therefore made tests on women wearing socks.

80% of women who had socks had an orgasm while only 50% of women who did not wear socks and were therefore barefoot.

These figures are eloquent, 30% more orgasms for women wearing socks, it is huge and this indicates that it may be worth to try.

Without this type of serious study, no one would believe that socks can help female orgasm.
Surely, women might even say that you are crazy and if so, show this article to women who do not believe you, they will be well surprised! 😉

  • Spice up your sex life.

A girl in socks can be very sexy, just choose the right socks.

In doggy style or in other sexual positions, a man is very fetishist when a woman wears lingerie for example.
Sexy socks can also do the trick and be accessories that can help you spice up your sex life.

You can also propose her to put a teacher uniform or a  schoolgirl uniform who could go well with socks precisely.

Or a sports outfit, like she was returning from the gym, tell her to keep her socks for another in-room sports session this time. 😉

Show or share this article with your partner or female friends so they learn the benefits of wearing socks to have an orgasm.

All you have to do is to buy sexy socks for your partner and make love with socks (your partner, not you. ;)).

There are of course many other accessories to spice up your sex life, handcuffs, sextoys, uniforms, stilettos, etc…

Getting out of the daily routine in bed or avoiding the routine requires having imagination and doing different things in bed with your partner.

Wearing sexy socks is a good idea especially if this helps with female orgasm.

There are plenty of little things to learn to boost your libido, I wanted to share this original information about the role of socks in female orgasm.

If you have tried to make love with your partner in socks, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this article to share your impressions.

See my article on how to spice up your sex life: https://bestflirtingtips.com/how-to-spice-up-your-sex-life.

And don’t forget to go buy sexy socks for your girl if you have one, and if you don’t, go out and flirt with girls after reading my ebook about flirt and seduction.

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