How to flirt at work and seduce a female coworker

How to flirt at work and seduce a female coworker

How to flirt at work and seduce a female coworker.

Flirting technique at work to seduce a woman at the office.

Flirting with a secretary, a trainee, the accountant, the receptionist, there are plenty of girls to flirt with at work.
No matter what your job, if you work in a construction company, there’s the secretary to flirt with too.

If you work in an office, there are colleagues to flirt with and seduce.
You can find love at work.

  • The benefits of flirting and seducing women at work.

The big advantage of flirting at work is that you are going to seduce women that you meet every day.

In fact, this is perhaps the place where seduction is the most natural.
You spend time with women. You get to know them. And you develop relationships of trust more easily.

This is probably why most people feel more comfortable in this environment.
Generally, you do not need to go talk to her or take her number right away if you want to see her again.

In addition, you often have some points in common with people who share your professional life.
You may have attended the same type of school.
You often have the same degrees, the same habits of life and perhaps even the same interests.

So, it’s easier to find subjects of conversation to get closer.

  • To flirt at work and to seduce women: you must act anyway!

In theory, seducing at the office looks easier. No need to elicit her interest in less than 2 minutes.

You know that you are going to see her again and you can wait for a good shooting window as you get closer to her.

But, some guys are not sure how to go about it anyway and to flirt with a woman at work.

Maybe it reminds you of something! You notice a new colleague, a new trainee or a new accountant downstairs that you had never seen before. And you have a crush on her.

You see her every day. Every morning you are happy, for you know that she will be there.
But, you limit yourself to minimal conversations and you can not get things done with her.

And in less time than you have to say, you have been played out by the bad boy of the company or by the marketing director. Or even by any other guy she met outside the office.

Yes, because, if 30% of couples starts at work, it still means that 70% of couples are formed outside the office.

Yet you had a chance. And you did not grasp it. Or at least, you have not taken action. It’s still a pity!

Today, we will ensure that this does not happen again with good flirting tips to flirt at work with a female coworker.

  • Let’s see how to flirt with a woman at work.

Pay attention to your look.

I talk about it in a lot of articles about flirting techniques and paying attention to your look is one of the essential flirting tips in any situation.

You meet your co-workers every day, have a different look, have class.

Put on a good perfume as I often repeat as you will be in close contact with the girls you will flirt at work.
The woman you are going to flirt with at the office will smell and notice your perfume, if you smell good, you already score points with her.

The girls in the office talk about the men who work with them, they chit chat, they comment on all the details including your look, perfume, etc…
To flirt and seduce a woman at the office, pay attention to your look every day, put on a good fragrance, smell good, put on deodorant so you do not sweat if you are at work everyday.

Have deodorant in the office or at your workplace, it can be useful on some days if it’s hot or if you stay late at work.

Brush your teeth, have a toothbrush at work, it is a very good flirting advice to have good breath in order to flirt at work.
Also have an anti-bacterial mouthwash that refreshes the breath, you can also have sugar-free mint candies.
I wash my teeth after each meal, at work, you are not home, so plan this kind of detail to wash your teeth at work

Be nice with a look that attracts the eye and a perfume that bewitches the girls around you at work.

  • Flirting with a woman at work, discretion is your wingman.

Tying professional life and sentimental life is sometimes dangerous or at least many people refuse it.

Indeed, showing yourself with your partner at your workplace can be badly perceived by some colleagues or even by your boss.
You can indeed give the impression of a man who is no longer interested in his job but only in his relationship.

However, I will not say that this is the norm. I am sure that, like me, in your circle you have examples of people sharing the same activity within the same company and for whom everything goes smoothly.

During the first moments of seduction, it is best that you remain discreet and that you do not spend all your time looking at her or wanting to be close to her.
Flirting with a woman at work should not stop you from concentrating on your work and your job, on the contrary, your ambition and your quality of work can be additional assets to conquer her heart.

In addition, discretion is also a way to “spice up” your seduction technique at work.
Seeing you in secret, pretending not to be close can be a good way to increase your complicity quickly because only you will share this secret!

When women as well as men contact me for advice on seduction in the professional world, I often explain to them that it is better not to express their feelings to other colleagues, at least during the phase of Seduction, your colleagues do not need to know that you like this woman and especially gossip could destroy all your chances.

  • Flirt with the woman you are interested in at work.


The secretary has big breasts and she attracts you a lot?

So you have to test her to see if that female co-worker would be interested in a flirt with you at work and then flirt with the secretary with big boobs precisely!
Even if your co-worker is a married woman, she may be open to a relationship with a colleague at work.

You have to test the girl you are interested in at work to see if she will show interest so that you can flirt with her at the office.
Many couples started at work or in the office, and it is normal, we spend a good part of our time working and being around colleagues, things happen when you spend a lot of time with some people, new couples!

If you want to flirt with a woman at work, you must make sure that she really feels attracted to you.

You have to show her that you are interested in her showing some interest to her.
Attract her with confidence, be nice and funny, make her laugh!

Bring her a coffee or when you go get one, ask if she wants one or something else.
During the day, if there is a cafeteria, ask her if she wants anything.
She will notice your attentions to her, she will not remain indifferent there and then you will see if she is interested for more.

You can also offer to help her in her work if you work with her in particular.

If it’s the secretary or a receptionist, she may need help with her computer, copy machine, etc…
Be there to help, it allows you to engage the discussion, to break the ice if you do not know her well, to better know her.
Always with a smile of course.

  • How to know if she is receptive.

Complicated issue in the professional context where restraint is required.

And it is not in full brainstorming session with the boss that she will let you know that she is interested in you.
It’s going to take some reaction.
You need some feedback about something at work?
Take advantage of this exchange to set up an extra-professional dialogue: put a foot outside the work context.

An example:

“You look like you are in shape today, what’s your thing, you eat Special K cereals?”
Say it with a smile of course so she does not take it bad?
If she does not smile and/or does not follow you with your joke, do not persist.
Avoid to be turned down by a girl that you will have to face regularly.
She reacts positively to your approach? Tell you a little about her life? She agrees to let the professional relationship take a more personal turn.
Good start to move on and to flirt with this woman at work.

Do not do anything too ostentatious about your current behavior.
Just be smiling, concentrated, respond in a pleasant way to solicitations, accept to give your time when it is justified, refuse when it is not and appreciate your two daily breaks. And to invite the woman you are interested in there.

Act as someone who feels good about his workplace.
Even if her sexy skirt increases the blood pressure to your brain ;), make a little effort.

It’s important to know if this woman you like is interested in having an affair with you otherwise you might get into troubles at work.
A girl interested will accept to be seduced at work by a coworker.

  • Body language.


Like for any flirting situation, body language is essential to flirt and seduce a woman at work.

Body language, eye contact, smile are the key elements to flirt and seduce this female coworker.

Go see her and smile, a flirting smile that will let her know that you are interested in her.

If she asks you why you smile when you talk to her, tell her that talking to her makes you smile.
You will see then her reaction, it will be positive or not.
If she is happy about it, she will look surprised and receptive.
If not, she will not smile back and make you understand she is not interested in you at all, you just need to move on to another interesting coworker.

Smile is contagious and let people know that you enjoy spending some time in their presence.
And you let her know about your intentions, your approach has some sexual tension to make her understand what you expect from her and that you want to flirt with her at work.

Make her laugh, it’s an important aspect in flirt and seduction.
You can read my article about how to make a girl laugh:

But be careful not to end up in the Friend Zone if you are to funny or friendly, she has to see that you are interested in her for a sentimental relationship, not to be her new friend or new buddy…

If you end up in the Friend Zone, you can say bye bye to your flirting and seduction plan with your female coworker…

  • How to seduce an employee you already meet on a daily basis at the office.

We will have to get out of the professional conversations to get closer to her.
Here are some tips to initiate a different discussion topic.

1. Feel free to ask her for a break.
To be able to collaborate effectively, you usually have all your colleagues in contact either on Facebook, Skype or on other messaging apps.

So you can contact her for work, but also sometimes for relaxing breaks:

Ask her to come take a coffee with you, you know her already you can be straight forward about this kind of things at work.

2. Do not over-sexualize the conversation.
If you start making openly sexual comments, you risk to make her feel uncomfortable if she is not interested.

And she will not know how to behave with you as part of your job.

So, avoid putting her in a difficult situation and always stay in the suggestion.
This is all the art of flirting. Learn to reveal your intentions, but never say too much.

Stay discreet at work when flirting with a colleague, others are watching and you don’t want too many people to talk about it.

3. Do not hesitate to abuse of the small talk.
Small talk is the art of being at ease talking about everything and nothing.

These are small conversations you have with your neighbor, these are the few words exchanged in the elevator or with the cashier at the supermarket.

Most men who struggle to flirt and seduce also have a hard time socializing.
They want to seduce the prettiest women at once, but they are unable to say a few words to a stranger and to make it a pleasant moment.

Start with that. Be sociable with everyone. Show some interest to your colleagues and to others too, including your target.

But if you do it only with her, you are likely to attract suspicion.

So if you want to seduce a co-worker, multiply small conversations with her.
Ask her how her weekend went, what she planned to do for her vacation or whatever.
It can also be a way to learn more about her private life, if she already has a boyfriend or a husband for example.

Of course, once again, the goal is not to remain eternally stuck in unnecessary chatter.
But you must consider that these small conversations represent gateways to more intimate subjects.
It’s up to you to bounce on it!

Progress gradually as she gets used to you and begins to trust you.

But above all, develop your social circle and show yourself at ease with everyone.
Say hello to everyone in the morning.
Be the one who occasionally brings croissants or coffee.

  • How to seduce an unknown co-worker.

To seduce an unknown colleague, take all your time.

This is my favorite scenario.
You will seduce her all smoothly over time.
This can take weeks, but it does not matter as long as you progress towards your goal.

When you meet her in a hallway, start by smiling at her and nodding to greet her.

Once it becomes a habit, tell her “hello”. And when you are comfortable, start with small, innocuous conversations with her. It is still the famous small talk:

“You had a good holiday ?”
“Not too much work today? Everything is going well?”

You have to favor the places where you have a chance of seeing her: the coffee machine, the cafeteria or the car park where smokers find themselves for the cigarette break.

In short, whatever the situation, depending on her behavior with you, you must now be able to see if she is potentially interested or not.

Does she pretext that she always has a lot of work when you start to engage in conversation?
Does she initiate the conversation when you meet her in a hallway?

These are important questions.
Do not forget that you are at work and that it is always better if you avoid being turned down by a coworker there.

Be discerning. If you feel clearly that she is not receptive, give up the game and do not go to the end.

  • If a colleague is Receptive to your approach and intentions.

Now is the time to take action and there are solutions to see her after work.

If you are in doubt and do not want to take a risk, start by offering lunch. The approach may seem natural.

You work together. Everyone has lunch in his corner or eat a sandwich sitting at his desk.
Offer to go for lunch with you.

It will be easier for her to accept.
You can even invite other colleagues with you to make it look less suspicious.
This will always allow you to get closer to her with discretion.

There is a time when she will show you that she is receptive if that is the case.

On the other hand, if you feel that the lights are green, do not hesitate to launch and propose a date:

“Did you see that wine bar down the street?”
“Have you been there yet? I will probably go there Friday night, to see what it looks like. Do you want to come with me?”

But, above all, be cautious and observe her reactions.
The famous signals that will show you whether she is really interested or not.

  • Mistakes to avoid when flirting at work.

Let’s start with a warning. Flirting and seducing women at work is an idea that remains a bit risky.

Simply because you mix your privacy and your professional life.
And if things go wrong, mixing genres might well cause you some problems.

  • What you should not do:

1. Do not flirt by E-mail.


You should avoid flirting by email.

You have to do it in person so that she can see your body language, your smile, hear your jokes and see how you are behaving in her presence.

Flirting by e-mail is risky, she might not understand the meaning of your messages and take it wrong.

When she reads a message which can be on skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc… She does not know how you were when you did it, what were your intentions, your motivation, etc…

And you don’t see her reaction either so you cannot know what she thinks if she understood your real intentions.
So you need to physically flirt with a woman at work.

And don’t forger that what you write will stay, someone could see it or she could forward it to many other colleagues to make fun of you if she is not interested.
She could also forward it to your boss and start problems as you do not know what kind of woman she is before you really know her.

So, avoid flirting by e-mail or other messaging app, do it yourself, go talk to her and make her laugh at work.

2. Do not look like the serial seducer.
In office, gossip will circulate faster than anywhere else.

If you get the reputation to be the guy who flirts with every girl at the coffee machine, it will be over for you.
You will never be able to get rid of it until you change company.

And all the new women who arrive will be made aware of your reputation before you have even been able to try anything.
Your rivals, jealous, and the women who want you will take care of your “reputation”.
And I assure you, it will not work in your favor.

So be careful and do not try to plug in anything that moves.
All you will win is that women will laugh at you and avoid you.

Be discreet like previously said in this article about how to flirt at work.

3. Do not go too far.
Avoid doing or saying something that does not please a woman in a legal framework.

You are at work and she can not dodge you. She may even be forced to work with you.

As a result, if you shock her with words or an inappropriate attitude, it will create an odd atmosphere every time you see her and this can hurt your work and the effectiveness of the group.
And you don’t want any problems like sexual harassment at work…

It’s never good. Neither for your confidence, nor for your morale, nor for your career.

Worse yet, if you come across an ill-intentioned woman who complains about your proposals, you might even get into legal trouble. Same thing I just said about flirting by e-mail

You really do not want to hear gossip coming from the hallways with your name associated with the words “sexual harassment”.
Unfortunately, these are things that happen.
And you have to protect yourself.
If you want to live a relationship with a co-worker, you must move under the radar and flirt with her at the office in a discreet manner.

4. Do not be too pushy.
When you try to seduce a woman in the evening, you must act quickly.
You know you have little chance of seeing her again.

Even if the flirting session is not going well, you go to the end of the process and ask her number.
In the worst case, you will be turned down and the next day, it will be forgotten.

In the office and at work, it’s different.
Do not insist too much. If you feel that the woman you are coveting is not receptive, take a step back.

If you are turned down, remember that the girl will be there the next day and there is a good chance that the news will spread like wildfire.

On the other hand, be persistent.
Your best card is time.
Certainly, you need to create attraction between you and her.
But above all, do not rush things!

5. Telling other colleagues about your crush.

Be discreet, once again, don’t tell other colleagues that you like this woman.

You have to be confident and to do it yourself without telling other colleagues who might talk about it to the wrong person at work.

It’s easy to talk about it when you are at work, you talk about everything and then you start talking about this new accountant that you like a lot.

Keep it for yourself and approach her like advised in this article.
Smile, make her laugh, be friendly and persistent, take your time to flirt with a woman at work.

  • Flirting with the intern.


You can also flirt with the pretty intern, if she is an adult of course, she wants to learn and look for experiences, this can be a very good flirting plan at work.

Bill Clinton had sniffed the good opportunity by flirting with the White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, but well, it cost him a lot for sure. Remain discreet as said in this article when flirting at work, it is also true for a President. 😉

Flirting with an intern or a trainee will surely be easier than with a co-worker, with the advantage that the intern will only be there temporarily in the company.

The pretty intern wants to learn, if a devoted employee wants to teach her a lot of things and more even more after work, she does not ask for better.

Invite her to lunch, financially, a trainee or an intern does not specially have the money to go to lunch at the restaurant, make her happy, impress her and go talk about her studies and her internship in the company around a good lunch.

Offer her a drink after work to discuss in a more pleasant environment and to talk about something else than work, the intern will be delighted to have new experiences, to meet new people.

If, on the other hand, you flirt with an older woman at the office, a milf for example, you can read my article on how to flirt with an older woman:

The secretary or the accountant can be mature women and do not ask better than to meet a younger man at work and to have an intimate relationship.
It is also necessary to test the woman you are interested in, do not forget that if you do not do it, it is surely another colleague at work who will flirt with the girl you are interested in and that he will take it from you!

So, follow all these flirting tips at work in order to seduce the co-worker who attracts you.

  • In conclusion when flirting with a woman at work.

Be ready for it, don’t wait to flirt with a girl at work, another guy will take your turn quickly.
You have time to seduce her but you have to start the seduction process as soon as possible.

The good thing is that you do not need to rush. You spend more time in the office than at home and she does too.

So imagine how many hours you have at your disposal to advance the seduction process.
Much more than on the street where you have approximately 30 seconds.

The bad part is that you will have to play it tight, because you do not want everyone to know that you are attracted to one of your co-workers.

And most importantly, you do not want to shoot yourself in the foot at the professional level if your approach fails. But you must act.

My advice: be patient.
Observe and exercise discernment. If she’s interested, you will know sooner or later.

Take advantage of the “off” times, corporate seminars, trips, parties, to get closer to her, it’s still the simplest and most discreet way to flirt at work!

I hope that this article and these flirting tips will help you to flirt at work with success and to seduce the coworker who attracts you!
There are many other flirting tips and seduction advice on my website.

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