How to make your phone's battery last longer

How to make your phone’s battery last longer

How to make your phone’s battery last longer.

For good flirting, you need a good smartphone, I talk about it in many articles on this flirting tips website in the high tech section.
A smartphone is a bit like your wingman when you flirt.

You need to have a smartphone that makes good impression without the need to buy an expensive phone.
Do not let your smartphone’s battery die on you when you go ask her phone number or take a selfie with her…

Do not charge a full battery!!

Whenever possible, do not leave your battery on charger when its charging cycle is complete.

This means: don’t let the phone charging all night!
In view of all the batteries that overheated and exploded last year, are you sure you want to keep this time bomb near your head? Besides, do not keep your smartphone near you when you sleep!

 – Several small refills are preferable.

This is always the big question that users are asking themselves.
Do I have to wait until my battery drops below 20% or 10% to recharge it? Or should I recharge it as soon as possible?

The ideal thing is to recharge your smartphone from time to time if you want to extend the life of the battery.
For example, you can recharge from 40 to 80% or 30 to 70%.
Thus, the cells of your batteries will remain in an ideal environment.

 – Full discharge is to be banned!

Most users recognize it, they use their smartphone all day and recharge it once they get home, in the evening, or even all night.
Again, this is not a recommended behavior for your battery to hold on for a long time.

It is very simple, letting your battery discharge completely is to destroy little by little the cells that compose it.
When you recharge your smartphone, some of them will be unable to function.

In the same way, leaving the smartphone plugged several hours at 100% (at night for example) will have the same effect on the cells. So you have to think about changing your habits! 🙂

– Between 40 and 50% is perfect.

You never wondered why when you unpack your brand new smartphone it showed between 40 and 50% battery?

It is simply because it is the ideal range for the battery cells to be in the best conditions.
Obviously, we can not always be between 40 and 50%.

We therefore advise you to recharge your smartphone as soon as the battery displays 30% until it reaches 60%.
You will have to connect your smartphone several times a day, but it is better that a full recharge at the end of the day.

 – Avoid the heat!

This seems obvious and yet many users tend to push the batteries into their last entrenchments.

Playing for a long time while the smartphone is in charge for example tends to overheat the beast.
This is obviously a behavior to be avoided if you want your battery to hold the road for a while.

In the same way, it is strongly recommended not to leave the smartphone near places where temperatures are high. In summer for example, avoid leaving it in the sun, it will not tan anyway. ;à
Also be sure when you charge it not to leave it in an enclosed area and opt for a table or desk.

If batteries do not like the heat, they are also not fond of low temperatures.
At skiing, in winter, a pocket or a bag will do very well.

The cold temperatures, like the hot ones, destroy the cells present in the battery. Needless to say, its lifetime takes a hit!

So you know what you have to do.

There are also other ways to save your battery throughout the day!

 – Turn off the Wifi or 4G connection on your mobile phone when you do not need it.
The wifi connection or the connection with your mobile operator consumes a lot of battery because the phone constantly checks the signal.

– Turn off the Bluetooth function if you do not need it, it consumes battery for nothing too.

– Do not use the vibrator function, it consumes energy too, just use the ringer function.

– Lower the brightness of your mobile phone, my screen is at 30% of the maximum lighting and this is already enough, you will save your battery

 – Do not use an animated or video wallpaper, it consumes a lot of energy for nothing.
Put rather a nice photo in the background or a black background.

 – Avoid completely discharging a lithium-ion battery.

– Keep your battery and smartphone cool, batteries do not like the heat.
The do not like very cold temperatures either.

 – Disable geolocation.

You will then have more battery life along the day especially when you need it the most when you flirt with girls.
Like when you flirt at the beach, no way to charge your mobile phone there so you will need some battery life when you will take a selfie with a girl at the beach during holidays.


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