How to meet a girl at the beach

How to flirt with girls at the beach

How to flirt with girls at the beach.

How to meet a girl at the beach.

How to flirt at the beach and pick up girls!

When summer time approaches or if you are going to a warm country in the winter, you will have time to flirt at the beach.

Flirting with girls at the beach is a geat way to find a new girlfriend or a one night stand too.

In addition, girls are in swimming suit as in the picture of this article, a great way to have a good overview of the girl’s body you want to meet and flirt with girls at the beach.
On the street, you are not attracted by a girl’s brain, at the beach it’s the same. 😉

So here are some flirting tips at the beach to flirt and seduce girls.

As with many flirting places, eye contact will play an important role as well as your body language.

But you also have to remember that, at the beach, you will also be in a swimsuit and girls will see your body, prepare yourself in advance for the holidays at the beach.

How to seduce girls at the beach?

Physical training.

A little in advance, go back to sports and weight training.

Go on a diet if necessary to look better if you want to flirt at the beach.

Girls stress out when the summer arrives and that they will have to go to the beach in swimsuit.
When you will flirt at the beach, the girl will see your body too, so this is an important detail to approach girls on the beach.

No need to have a six pack or abs but do not be too fat, this will not be the best impression to give.

I wrote this article about getting back in shape:

You have to get ready to flirt and meet girls at the beach, it’s like everything.
If you go out in a club to flirt, it is the same for the beach, you must prepare yourself to look good and attract girls.

Before summer, stop eating sweet stuff, fries, ice cream, etc… This will already help you lose a bit if you have a little tummy.
And get back to sports a minimum at home by doing push ups for example.

To flirt at the beach and to meet girls, you have to prepare yourself physically and make some efforts.


Many men do not think about it and neglect their physical appearance thus especially hair.

The hair on your stomach, under your arms, get a short haircut too.

You can either cut your hair on your stomach, or wax it if you are motivated.
Same thing if you have hair on your back where it can be repulsive for some girls when you flirt at the beach.

Your armpits, cut your hair with scissors, avoid shaving because it can irritate your skin when you put deodorant.

Have short hair at the beach. Why?
Well, this is a basic flirting tip but going into the water, when you get wet, if you have rather long hair, you will have a funny looking head with your hair going in all directions.
By having short hair, your hair and your look stay about the same.

Having short hair avoids you looking a bit stupid when you get out of the water.

For good flirting at the beach, look after your appearance and therefore your hair.

Your skin and your smell.

Put on some sunscreen, you do not want to get big sunburns that will not make you look good to girls.

Put deodorant, the deodorant penetrates your skin and will last even if you go to the beach or in the water.

Whether that you flirt at the beach or in a club, you want to smell good when you approach a girl!

You do not want to smell bad if you approach a girl, especially when it’s hot and you’re going to sweat like a camel!
So, you have to put deodorant in order to smell good, maybe putting on some perfume if you do not think you will go in the water but and just flirt with girls at the beach.
A good perfume like Chanel Sport, the girls will smell it, they will love it.

Think also about your lips, protect them to avoid having dried and cracked lips because of the sun!
Use a protective lip balm, there are some very good ones to use to protect your lips from the sun.

Here is a list of the best SPF balms and protective lip balms:
Supergoop! Shine-On Lip Screen SPF 50.
Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm SPF 18.
Coola Mineral Liplux SPF 30.
Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30.
Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 35.
Bioderma Atoderm Lip Moisturising Stick.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant.
Sisley Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm.
Dr Bronner’s Naked Organic Lip Balm.
Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm.
Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturiser.
Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm.
True North Protective Lip Balm.

You want to keep your lips well hydrated to avoid looking repulsive with chapped lips.

A girl does not want to go out with a guy who has chapped lips, she does not really want to kiss someone who has lips like that.

Swimwear, sunglasses and a nice watch.

Buy a good brand for your swimsuit, invest a bit to get a cool swimsuit if you are going to flirt at the beach and meet girls.

Nike, Rip Curl, etc…

This also makes a difference for for your look when you go flirting and meeting girls at the beach, small details matter.

Same for sunglasses, do not have worn sunglasses without having to spend a lot but Ray-Ban sunglasses remain affordable to have nice sunglasses at the beach.

A good flirting advice, choose black sunglasses so that nobody can see your eyes.
This allows you to look around without people really knowing what you are looking at.
Practical to watch a girl you are interested in without her seeing your eyes on her.

Especially if you are alone at the beach, you do not want to look creepy, people thinking that you are just there to check out asses and tits on the beach.
You are here to flirt at the beach not to look like a pervert.
Sunglasses are useful to look around and to spot interesting girls.

So to flirt at the beach, you need to have class and style, it is possible if you follow these flirting tips.
Ray-Ban sunglasses, a Rip Curl swimsuit for example, a cool sports watch like the Casio G-Shock watch or the Apple Watch Nike smartwatch as below.



Nice Watches that allow you to stand out from other men around you, you can also go swimming with them, they are waterproof up to 50 meters minimum.

To flirt at the beach and to meet girls, you want to have the best accessories on your side, look classy and have the nicest accessories to seduce and attract girls at the beach.

You want girls to notice you, working on your look and style is essential to flirt and seduce with success!

In addition, these accessories will also be useful to flirt in a club or at a beach bar.

I guarantee that you will attract attention with the Apple watch Nike+, especially the one in yellow.
It is a smartwatch, girls will want to know what it is, how it works, a very good discussion topic to flirt and meet girls on vacation!
Your accessories like your watch can be a very good discussion topic when you flirt at the beach.

The Casio G-Shock watch is superb too, in blue, LED lighting, looks very nice especially in the evening, more info on the Casio website if you want one for the holidays:

There are also Armani connected watches that are nice:

Do not forget your smartphone.

To get her phone number, to make a selfie at the beach with the girl you are flirting with.

But also to get her Facebook, have your smartphone with you at the beach, it’s your flirting companion, your wingman will help you flirt at the beach and take pictures.

Flirt alone or with friends.

Flirting with friends is more fun, or at least have a group of friends and spot a girl to flirt with.

Being with friends to flirt and meet girls at the beach gives you a more sociable and friendly side.

Remember that girls want to meet a nice and sociable guy, being with friends says you are that kind of guy.
Girls will notice you if you are having fun with friends.

If you drink at the beach, do not drink too much, do not be drunk at the beach to flirt, it will give a bad image of a man who does not know how to control himself and who is already drunk in the afternoon at beach.
On the other hand, having beers to offer girls to flirt with them is a good idea, cheers and talk on the beach with girls to get to know them and to break the ice.

A lonely man on the beach, it looks a lot less fun for a girl, she may even find it weird and be wary.
It is like flirting in a bar or in a club, being with friends, you attract attention because you have fun and a good time.
And if you flirt at the beach, you will surely flirt in a club as well or flirt in a bar during your holidays, read these interesting articles to prepare yourself to flirt during your holidays.
The girls you will see at the beach, you will see them in nightclubs too and in the bars near the beach.

Having seen them at the beach will also help as a pretext to approach them in a nightclub or at a bar.
“Eh, I saw you at the beach this afternoon!”

So going to the beach with friends to flirt is preferable, once you have spotted a girl you are interested in, you will be able to go see her.

With a group of friends, it is also a way to flirt with another group of girls precisely.
Organize a beach game or go play in the water with a group of girls you spotted.

If you’re alone at the beach, look normal, do not stare at a girl, she will freak out.
You have to look around and stop from time to time on the girl you are interested in.
You have to test her and see if you get any eye contact or visual contact even if it is more complicated at the beach where you will rather go directly to see the girl you want to flirt with.

Alone at the beach, look around, use your mobile phone, go into the water.

Position your towel strategically.

Alone or with friends at the beach, you have to sit near a group of girls alone of course.

Look on the beach where there are girls and do not go very far, you have to see them and the same for them.
You do not flirt one mile away. 😉

Girls must be able to see you and to notice you.

Check them out, if the girls have a boyfriend somewhere, sometimes they might be doing something else. In order to avoid any misunderstanding if you had not seen a girl already has a boyfriend there.

To succeed in flirt and seduction, you need to spot interesting and interested girls.

Visual contact.

On the beach as in other flirting places, you first have to spot a girl you are interested in.

Then, you will try to establish eye contact to see if the girl returns your eye contact.

It is necessary to observe girls body language on the beach because girls also come to flirt.
It’s hot, it’s the ideal atmosphere to meet people whether you are a man or a woman.

By observing girls body language, you will see those who look around to be flirt too.

If a girl returns your eye contact, this is a message that you can go see her.
Either if she is sitting or when she goes into the water, go talk to her.


I say it in many articles on this site and in my ebook about flirt and seduction Top 100 best flirting tips, smile when you go talking to a girl.

A smile brings a smile, it is contagious.

You have to flirt at the beach with a smile.

This gives you a friendly and sociable look, a girl wants to meet a nice and festive guy with whom she will have a good time.
Seeing you smile is an important detail for a girl when you approach her, an invitation to a good mood.

What to say?

If you approach a girl on the beach, if she is alone, it’s easy to go see her in the water or where she is sitting.

Approach her by saying hi, the beach and holidays are your discussion topic.
Everyone comes from somewhere, so you can introduce yourself smiling, ask her where she comes from, if she often comes here on holiday, etc…

The girl is alone, she feels free to talk.
Being at the beach, she is relaxed, on vacation, willing to talk with someone because she has time and nothing else to do precisely.

If the girl you’re interested in is in a group, wait until she goes into the water to talk to her.
Having friends around her will perhaps block her or bother her to discuss freely with a man who comes to flirt with her.
Other people’s look, ears listening to you are not conducive to flirt at the beach.

In the water, she will be isolated from her friends and can talk to you freely.
Either you wait for her to go in the water or if you had already made a visual contact, make her understand to join you in the water.
Girls understand quickly and she will come into the water too as if nothing had happened.

Once in the water, you can get acquainted and then suggest to see her later for a drink.

Avoid physical compliments when you flirt on the beach!

She will think you that you were just looking at her ass and breast from the beginning, as they are in a swimsuit, they immediately have the reflex to think you are interested in her just for sex.

If the girl is sexy, attraction is of course physical when you flirt but well, girls need to reassure themselves that they are being seduced for their personality and not for their physique.

Here is an example to watch in a video on Youtube, Tony Montana gives some flirting tips at the beach to his friend in the classic movie Scarface (1983).
Tony Montana wants to teach him how to pick up girls at the beach, check out this video to see what you should not do if you want to pick up girls at the beach.
Avoiding physical compliments indeed and being too vulgar with a girl when you approach her at the beach:

(©) Credits and Copyrights Universal Pictures.

Get her number.

Once you have talked a little bit with the girl you are interested in, ask her for her phone number in order to recontact her for a drink and see her again.

You have established contact, so you must move on to see her later somewhere else to flirt more.

Go to see her with your smartphone precisely in order to have her number, so do not forget your smartphone at the beach.
If you have time, ask her about her Facebook page too but first her phone number, you will see her later to get to know her more anyway.

Send her a nice and friendly text message right away, suggesting a date later.

Propose a beach game.


An great way to flirt and meet a girl at the beach is to propose a beach game to get physical. 😉

In addition to accessories I quoted at the beginning of this article, do not forget to take with you a set of Badminton or beach rackets with a ball.

Girls love to play and what better way to get to know them than to play and laugh together on the beach!

Whether you are with a group of friends or alone, you can go and ask the girl you are interested in to play with you.
If you are alone, this is the perfect excuse to ask someone to play with you.
If the girl is alone, she will be happy to have company and play with you.
If the girl is in a group, ask the girl you are interested in to play with you. You will also play with her friends to get acquainted.

If you are with a group of friends, make a tournament and teams with a group of girls, entertainment guaranteed and the best way to flirt and meet girls on the beach.

To flirt and seduce on the beach, you have to stand out from others and avoid being the seducer who comes and tells a girl that she is pretty.

Suggesting a girl to play badminton or beach racket is for me the best way to flirt and meet girls on the beach.
It works every time, girls love to have fun and laugh, that’s what it takes to flirt with success at the beach.

In addition, by making them play a sport on the beach, you see them moving. 😉

You can also propose to play volleyball if there is a net somewhere but you might need a group of friends to play.

So, bring beache games, you will surprise girls who do not expect to be offered to play a beach game with a stranger.
This is the ideal way to get to know each other while laughing.

The other advantage of proposing a girl to play a beach game is that she will then be a little tired and thirsty.
The perfect excuse to have a drink immediately after the beach game.
You can immediately go with her to offer her a drink after this improvised sports session.
In general, girls accept because they do not have anything to drink with them as it is hot.

Moreover, you act like a gentleman who offers her a drink, she will find you nice.
You have original ideas for fun on the beach and then you propose to have a drink in your company.

If you are with friends, plan a cooler with cool drinks, with or without alcohol.
You anticipate her needs by offering her a cold drink and you can talk more by resting after the beach game.

If you are alone, you will not have a camping cooler with you so offer her a drink right next door, it is more appropriate.

One of the best ways to flirt on the beach, remember to bring a beach game.

Do not ignore her friends.

If the girl you are flirting with is not alone, do not ignore her friends!

You are going to make new enemies while you need to have her friends to be your allies when you will flirt with her.

Being friendly with her friends is important as when you are flirting with a girl at a bar or in a nightclub for example.
Talk with her friends, offer them a drink if you have enough, friends will love you right away.

You can of course invite her friends to play the beach game too, make a tournament, you have to involve her friends in your flirting plan.
She will notice your gesture and especially appreciate your friendly approach with her friends.

If you ask her to go have a drink at the beach bar, ask her friends if they want anything or if they want to come too.
They will see that you are flirting with their friend so they are not going to come but will appreciate asking them if they want something.

Similarly, if you approach a girl in a group, greet her friends at the beginning, do not ignore them, be sociable and sympathetic with everyone. So that her friends are ok and happy that she goes with you.

The art of seducing at the beach is also seducing the girl’s friends when you flirt at the beach.

See her again.

So you made contact with a girl or a group of girls.

You have her number, you now need to see her later for a drink.
Being on holiday, the nice weather is ideal to chat comfortably in the evening over a drink or a cocktail.
Dress up classy but look relax, white linen pants for example with a nice shirt to see her later for a drink.

The important thing is to have her number after getting acquainted on the beach, then you will only have to plan a date with her.

If you were with a group of friends, you can suggest to meet with her group of friends too, it can be very nice and make her more comfortable to have friends with her.

You have here good flirting advice to seduce and flirt at the beach, you now know how to pick up a girl at the beach.

Now, you just have to prepare yourself to meet girls at the beach!

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