The best excuses to get out of a bad date

The best excuses to get out of a bad date

The best excuses to get out of a bad date.

How to get out of a date.

Did you ever find yourself at a date, realizing that this is not going to work at all?


And if that has not happened to you yet, it will happen to you one day, when you flirt on the Internet, you sometimes have bad surprises or you realize right away that it will not work.

So be prepared in advance or know how to escape from a bad date.

This can also be true for a business meeting or work meeting, the idea is to have a good excuse in stock to be able to escape this date while remaining polite and courteous if possible of course.

Sometimes we meet girls online but the girl who shows up has 20 pounds more than on her profile photos…

This happens often, many people think it will be ok and many girls think that we will love them for who they are and not for their physique…
But, on the street, you don’t notice a girl because of her brain…

Even if physical appearance does not do everything of course, there may be other factors during a date, her style, the way she talks, etc…

A date can also be boring and awkward so how to leave a boring date?

We sometimes meet at a date and the only thing we think about is to leave!

Yes, but how to escape from this nightmarish rendez-vous? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some ways to get out of a first bad date, good excuses to exit a boring and awkward date.

  • Most important flirting tip and advice for a first date.
    Go for a coffee or just a drink and nothing else on your first date with a girl.


Do not suggest going to dinner or having a drink at night in a bar.

Going for a coffee or just a drink will allow you to have a date that will be short and easy to shorten if you want to leave.

It will not cost you much money compared to a drink in a bar or a dinner at a restaurant…

Also, when you wait for a girl in a cafรฉ or a Starbucks, you can also sit somewhere to see her arrive and have a first glimpse how your date looks like.
This allows you to already see if you like her or not, otherwise you can leave and send her an apology message to explain that you can not come to the appointment.

Let’s see now the excuses to escape from a bad date, a date that does not go as planned.

The best excuses to escape from a bad date.

  • Ask a friend to call you for an emergency.


As everyone has a smartphone in the pocket, never forget your mobile phone precisely when you flirt with girls, it can be used to take her number but also to help you get out of a bad date with a girl precisely.

Send a text message to a friend and tell him to call you, telling him what excuse he will tell you on the phone because sometimes people can hear the discussions when the are sitting right next to you…

It can be an excuse about someone in your family and you have to leave for a family problem precisely.

One of the best ideas and excuses to escape from a bad date, it can not make more credible than that.

  • Ask a friend to come pick you up.


If you have a friend who is not far away, ask him to come pick you up on the pretext of an important excuse.

An accident, a family problem, etc…

You find yourself obliged to leave, very credible to get out of a bad date.

  • Have a friend sitting not very far.

Good Excuses for Getting Out of a Bad Date

Again, this is a possible option but you have to have a friend available who comes with you to the date and who will be sitting not very far.

Pay for his coffee of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If the date goes wrong, you tell the girl that your friend is waiting for you just there and that it was not planned, you are sorry but you have to go for an important personal reason related to your friend who is waiting.

These last two excuses require having a friend available which can be more complicated to organize but these are two options for escaping from a bad date.

  • Tell her that your EX is sitting in the coffee shop.


Another good excuse to escape from a bad date, tell the girl that your EX is sitting just right there and that if she sees you, she will start a scene in front of everyone.

An excuse related to flirting and dating that works perfectly in these kind of situation.

You don’t want you EX to fight with your new date, tell her that it’s better to leave and to plan another date. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Very good excuse to escape from a bad date! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pretend to be sick.


This is another good excuse to save yourself from a bad date.

You ate chinese at lunch and you do not feel well.

You prefer to go back home because you feel that you will have to spend time in the toilet… ๐Ÿ˜‰

A very credible excuse: being sick.

  • An emergency at work.


You must of course have the excuse to have a job that may require you to ditch yourself from an appointment.

You work in a company, the website has been hacked and the servers are down, you have to leave in order to work with your colleagues and put all this back on, there is an emergency.

Just think of an emergency in a specific type of job and come up with an appropriate excuse that makes you need to leave right away.

A friend can also send you a text message that supposedly comes from your job or your boss telling you to come immediately.
So you can show the text message to the girl at your date, which makes your excuse very credible here again.

  • Be honest.


This is another option and excuse but it’s up to you to see if you have the guts to do it.

This can be done in a polite way of course, saying: sorry but I do not think it will work, I was expecting someone else.

Do not go into other details, you are not there to put down or humiliate the person.
It must be fast and polite.

Once you say that you prefer to leave, leave immediately, things will stop there.
Leave money for coffee if you have already ordered.

Saying things honestly without going into details lets you go quickly without having to think for another excuse.

If it’s her physique that does not please you for example, do not say anything about it so as not to hurt her.

Just a sentence that says you think it’s not going to work, that’s enough and go.

You can escape from a bad date in an honest and courteous way, it is up to you to see what is best to do according to the situation.

If you think it is better to find an excuse to leave, you have here a list of good excuses to escape from a bad date.

  • Some blogs advise to leave without saying anything, making her think that you went to the toilet for example.
    I do not think it’s good to do that.
    Treat people the way you want to be treated, find a fake excuse, be polite and say something to the girl who came to see you.

Leaving like a thief, I find it very loose and I would not do it, there are limits to escape from a bad date and especially several ways to do it politely.

In this article, you have good escuses to get out of a bad date or if the girl who is there is not the one you thought you would meet.

The most important thing is to foresee the worst that can happen, and therefore to foresee that it may be necessary to shorten your date if it does not go as planned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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