How to flirt at the gym

How to flirt at the gym.

Flirting tips for the gym.

How to hit on a girl at the gym without being creepy.

First of all, at the gym, there is a much better chance of finding beautiful bodies than elsewhere.

Indeed, it seems that those who care best for their bodies are those who need it least.

Guys, if you want to see beautiful buttocks in tight yoga pants, here is the ideal place!

In addition, some women go to the gym regularly and subscribe.
Why is this good news?
Well, you have much more chance to meet the same person at similar schedules.

This therefore increases your flirting opportunities.

Although it may seem easy to flirt at the gym, this is not necessarily the case.
Indeed, the girl you have spotted is often monopolized by her exercises, she is concentrated.
Worse, she can wear a headset to listen to her music and be isolated.

And then, there are the other guys in the room, some are just as muscular as you are, or even more.
Aand there is competition, especially if they are also interested in girls.

So, how to stand out from others and approach this pretty girl?
How to appear credible to flirt at the gym?

Before you start flirting at the gym, it is better to have a good look.

This is first and foremost a good attitude in the fitness room.
If you know a few people that you talk to, the woman you want to approach will perceive you as sociable and friendly.
While, if you stay alone in your corner, you will inevitably look more enclosed and contact will be less easy.

Having a cool look also means avoiding to be too much different.
If you dress with flashy colors or crazy clothes, if you wear a tight pink short or if you want to show off a little too much, it might be negative.

Better to wear classic, simple, casual sport gear but nice ones, good brands.
A t-shirt and shorts do very well if you buy quality cool stuff.

You can read my article about the Apple Watch Nike for example, cool accessory when you do sports.
A great smartwatch and a cool look to attract girls.

The importance of your body and muscles in flirt.

Is being muscular can help to flirt more easily?

The answer is yes!
This may facilitate the first approach.
But, that does not do it all and there is often competition in a gym.
The best is to have an athletic physique with a flat belly.
On the other hand, the bodybuilder with huge muscles is not necessarily an advantage.

However, even if you have a beautiful physique, the most important is above all the confidence in yourself and being natural.

If you are comfortable, smiling and sociable, you will have a better chance to please even with a less attractive physique.

Attendance is what counts most, a nice body is an additional advantage but it is not necessarily indispensable.
In any case, it must neither be a barrier nor an excuse not to try flirting at the gym.

It should also be noted that, depending on their age, women are not sensitive to the same things.
The younger ones pay more attention to the physique and often like slim guys without necessarily having to be muscular.
Those who are more mature pay attention to other signs such as social status and stability.
Moreover, they often prefer a real man who looks in control of things, who gives confidence and on which they can lean.

How to approach a girl in a gym?

Now that you have taken care of your image and look, the context is a bit more favorable, the question arises:
how to engage a conversation?
How do you make her notice you?

Look for eye contact.
Use the mirrors at the gym to look around and see what is interesting.

Do your exercises seriously while looking around sometimes to spot some interesting girls.

If you spot a girl you like, look at her but do not stare of course.
You can check her out discretely but be caferul, otherwise she might think that you are a creep who comes to the gym to look at butts.

If you see a girl that looks at you back, it’s positive but many girls are busy and concentrated on their exercises so you will have to go see the girl you like even if she did not notice you.

Try to wait until she changes machine or takes a break.

If you disturb her during a weight training exercise, it may interfere with her and she will have a negative impression.

How to flirt at the gym

Also avoid talking to her while she has her earphones on her ears, unless she saw you wanted to start a conversation. In that case, you already know it’s negative.

If you see that she is looking for some specific weights, go help her, a great way to start a conversation.

Then, be relaxed, natural and simply say something to start the dialogue.

Something about her gear, how often she comes to the gym or the exercise that she practices, something related to the sporting context.

Do not rush things.
In a gym, the approach is different from that of a nightclub, for example.
You can take your time to establish a true relationship and you don’t want girls to think that you come to the gym just to flirt and hit on girls.

When you do you exercises, be serious at it so that girls see that you really come to exercise too.

So you can just talk to her a little bit at the beginning, then tell her “hi” when you see her around.

A little later, you can try to engage a real conversation in favorable moments.
Ask her questions about her sporting motivation, her practice, or even if she lives near the gym.

Stay in the context of the fitness room without looking like a serial seducer hunting for a new target.
Do not linger too much and resume your training.
This “light” behavior allows a first grip without rushing things.

Finally, when you feel that contact is well established, you can try a more personal question, asking if she is having a good week, what she does in life, etc…

You can also try some physical contact, offering her to massage her shoulders, stretch her muscles or assist her when lifting weights.

She will then understand that you are interested in her and, if she is interested, she will be open to the conversation.

If she is a little cold with you, it may be better to attempt another time.
And if obviously she is not interested at all after several attempts, no need to insist.

And if she is interested, ask her to go for a coffee or an energy drink after the gym.
If the gym has a bar or a coffee shop, it’s the right place to go talk to her right after the gym.

If she seems to enjoy your company, you can then ask her for a real date to meet her an evening for a drink at a bar for example.

One last flirting tip at the gym:

Group lessons!

Zumba, crossfit, hula hoop, aquagym, enjoy group classes!!
Usually, group classes are full of girls and women.
With a bit of luck, you will be one of the only men in the class and you will be spoiled for choosing your partner during the relaxation exercises.

If you don’t see any interesting girl in the group, learn something else, salsa for example.

If a girl at the gym appreciates your company, she will be delighted to see you outside to get to know you in another more fun environment like a bar where flirt and seduction can become more serious precisely.

Here you have some good flirting tips to hit on girls at the gym, you just have to take action or to get your membership at a gym near you if you don’t have one yet, there are plenty of girls to flirt with at the gym!

In addition, when you flirt during your sport activities, you do not have to spend any money to flirt. You flirt on the spot and can see the girls that seem interesting to you that you can then invite outside later.
You will save money by flirting while doing sports and improving your physical appearance at the same time!

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