How to approach a girl on the street

How to approach a girl on the street

How to approach a girl on the street.

How to flirt on the street.

How to approach women you’ve never met before.

Remember that approaching a girl on the street or flirting with a girl on the street is difficult.
Let us be honest, the situation and the place do not help, the girl is not in open mode to be approached and seduced on the street.

There are better places to flirt like flirting in a club, flirting in a bar, flirting at the beach, etc…

Places to flirt where girls are open and available to meet men, being seduced or even flirt themselves with the men they like!

So, as a flirting tip, see if you think that you want to get into street flirting and approach girls in the street.
Otherwise, refer to more appropriate flirting locations to maximize your chances of success in flirt and seduction.

On the other hand, there are two reasons for me to flirt in the street and approach girls you never met before:

We never know when we’re going to meet a girl that we find attractive and it can happen on the street.
So you have to know how to approach her and flirt with her on the street so that you don’t miss a good flirting opportunity if the girl is worth it.

How many times did not you say, “Hey, why I did not go talk to that girl!”
Afterwards, you think of this girl and regret not having approached her to flirt with her on the street.
If you do not do it in the moment, it’s lost for ever.
People often say there are “plenty of fish to see”, it does not happen every day that you meet a girl in the street that you like so do not hesitate to go and approach a girl that you like in the street.

And if you do not, well, another will do it and flirt with her. You will see this man again holding the hand of the girl you wanted to approach and who left in the arms of another guy!

Do not miss this opportunity to flirt on the street!

The other reason to flirt in the street, well, is to really do a flirting activity and spend time approaching girls in the street.

This, on the other hand, it is up to you to see as I told you before if it is a flirting place which you really want to choose because the difficulty is much higher as I said at the beginning of this article.

You will take more refusal than in a real flirting place so be prepared to approach other girls so that your success rate increases with street flirting.

So you have to be optimistic and keep smiling despite the refusals.
If you are motivated, there is a way to flirt in the street and meet girls.

The girl in the street does not expect to be approached and seduced, so you must have the technique to approach her and flirt with her in the street.

The trick to have in mind every time you meet a girl that you like.

When you have never approached an unknown woman in the street, the fear of rejection can be paralyzing.

It is paralyzing because you think it is justified (this is normal given that certain facets of our psychology are the same as at a time when this fear was justified).

You must therefore realize that it is normal that this fear is present, but also that it is no longer justified.

Once you have approached an unknown girl and that you will have realized that you have not been rejected by the whole society for so little, this fear will already be much less strong and much less blocking…

Simply because your psychological system will have been updated.

And this fear of rejection will become weaker as you approach women in the street.

The worst thing that could happen to you?

A simple “No, sorry” or “No, I do not have time”. That’s all.

And no, you will not have shamed yourself.

People who have “seen” the scene will not even know that you have been turned down because they probably will not hear it. And anyway, you don’t know these people around, you will not see them again.

They will probably think that you asked her for the time or a lighter.

But most of the time, they will not even have noticed that you will have approached this girl, since most of the time, they do not care what is going around them and think of something else.

And the best thing in all this is that the girl you will have approached will take you for a guy who had the balls to go talk to her.

You will be considered a cool guy who knows what he wants.

The first time is always the hardest. It is always at the beginning that the greatest effort must be made.

It’s like starting riding a bike or driving a car, like getting into work, like motivating oneself to go to the guym, etc…

It’s painful at first (often the worst it’s even just before getting down to it) but once you are launched, it’s much better … We take pleasure and we are proud to have done it finally.

Pay attention to your look and style.

It’s a basic flirting advice but whether it’s for flirting in the street or in a club, you have to pay attention to your look to flirt and seduce on the street.

It depends where you are of course, on a sunny holiday at the seaside or in town in winter.

You have to look classy, ​​the first impression is always the most important one and especially when you go to street flirting.
First, the girl you approach will see your pace, your look and it’s even more important that you will surprise this girl by approaching her on the street.
To look classy and well dressed will already reassure her that she does not have to deal with someone who approaches her to ask her for money.

She must be reassured right away with your look and style.

A well-dressed guy will reassure her and will listen to what you are going to tell her or asking to approach her.

If your look is not neat, she will not be reassured and will continue her way by ignoring you, which is normal if you have any doubts about who is approaching you on the street.

A classy and casual style, ask advice from girlfriends or male friends who have style.
Inspire yourself from them or with photos in magazines, buy some clothes if necessary to improve your seducer look.

Be clean, wear some perfume and a good one, brush your teeth to have a good breath, wear deodorant.

As I talk about it in my ebook about flirt and seduction to download, the look is very important of course.

Have on you a good smartphone too that will help you to flirt with her and even approach her in some flirting scenarios.

Approaching a girl on the street: why she should notice you before you approach her.

In the majority of cases, a girl approached by a stranger on the street is surprised because this unknown guy is just unknown.

Put yourself in the place of a girl who walks in the street: you walk quietly when suddenly a man comes from nowhere and approaches you by complimenting you or asking you for his way. You would be surprised and you might be panicking.

How can you avoid her to freak out in the first few seconds?
Simply by not being a total stranger to her at the time you approach her.
So you have to make sure that the girl you want to approach you has noticed you before you start the conversation with her.

Your target must have seen you. Ideally you should have exchanged a look, have made eye contact.

More precisely:
She must have seen you so that you are not a total stranger to her eyes when you are going to approach her.

In doing so, chances are that she will be a lot less frightened at the time of the approach. She will not be caught off guard.
She must see that YOU noticed her: the girl you want to approach must have understood that you have seen her.

In any case, she must not believe that you have not seen her. Why?
Simply for you to be more credible when you are going to approach her (especially if you use a direct approach, that is to say if you explicitly declare your interest).

If you meet her and you snub her completely, she may find it strange that you approach her by giving her a compliment when you have not even looked at her.
It would not look very sincere… Always keep in mind that the more natural the approach is, the more likely it is to succeed.
Ideally, you have to meet each other and exchange a look. Then you wait a few seconds, you turn around and you approach her.

Eye contact is essential in flirt and seduction. Like when you flirt in a bar, in a club or at the beach.
You look for eye contact to initiate physical contact and to understand her body language when she will understand that you are interested in her.

It can sometimes be difficult to “force” a woman to look at you.
Sometimes they are thinking, they purposely did not see you, they walk in front of you, etc…
In that case, you will have to approach her with some excuse, keeping some distance so she is not too surprised and see that you are polite and respectful when approaching her.

But the first few seconds, you will see her reaction when looking at her.
And if a girl responds to your eye contact on the street, it’s a go go signal to go talk to her.

Have a positive attitude.

When approaching a girl on the street, you need to have a positive attitude which means to look nice and friendly.

Smile, I always repeat it but smile is contagious and if you go street flirting, smile to girls, they will smile back unless she does not want to talk to anybody for some reason.

Positive and communicative energy when approaching a girl and when talking to her.
She needs to run into a guy who seems nice and friendly with a nice style.

You need to have a good body language, looking confident, especially on the street, she must be reassured with your attitude on the street when you approach her.

You have to go straight to your target, after two seconds you have noticed a girl that you like and find attractive.
Don’t wait, the more you wait, the more hesitant you will be to approach her and after it will be too late.
Some guys wait for the right moment, but there is no right moment on the street, she is moving so you have to move fast.

The girl must see that you are interested in her and confident.

If you act confident, she will be more receptive and willing to talk to you.

How to approach her and stop her.

You can meet a girl anywhere, not only in bars and clubs.

On the street too, you can meet and flirt with girls to seduce them or at least to get their number.

Maybe one day on the street, you will come accross a girl that you like and the only way to meet her is to go talk to her on the street otherwise she will disappear for ever and it will be too late!

But you don’t approach a girl on the street like you approach a girl in a bar.

Get in her way with some distance so that she has time to stop walking.

Look at her, smile, it’s important, she has to see that you have a friendly approach.
She will probably smile back.
Smiling is contagious, it’s essential in flirt and seduction. Be confident.

You can put a hand on your stomach to show some kind of separation to make her feel more comfortable showing that you are polite and respectful.

You can stop her saying “Hello, excuse me”, being simple is efficient.

Some guys think that you need to say something very special to attract a girl’s attention on the street but no, be natural and simple.

What to say to a girl you approach on the street.

Something that works very well to approach a girl is of course to ask her your way, it is innocent and it allows to move on to something else.

That’s one of my favorite approach techniques when I go talk to girls on the street.
It has to look natural, you are looking for something, she will be happy to help!

Or ask where is a nearby pharmacy, a bakery, a coffee shop, a Starbucks, etc…
An excuse to approach a girl but for a good cause, to approach a girl on the street and to flirt with her!

You can then ask her if she lives around the corner or in the neighborhood and continue the discussion.

With your smartphone, you can approach a girl by asking her to take a picture of you under any pretext depending on the situation.
It’s also very natural to ask that to someone on the street as tourists do.
This makes it easy to start a conversation by looking at whether the picture is good and start a chat.

That’s why I was talking to you previously about having your smartphone with you and especially to have a good smartphone that looksnice and not cheap when you flirt with girls.
In the high tech section of my site, I talk about good smartphones to buy in order to make good photos and have style at the same time when you go flirting.

In addition, by having your smartphone and after engaging the conversation with the girl you have approached on the street, you can try to get her Facebook profile for example.
A great way to keep in touch and to propose an date later by contacting her on Messenger.

By having your Facebook page too, she can see who you are as well and reassure her to see you later.
It is possible that girls who do not know you yet do not want to give you their Facebook profile, no problem, their phone number will be good enough.

Be nice, smile, be positive, confident, she will feel the same if you act like this.
That way, she will feel some positive vibes with you and will want to go further with you.

Do not linger.

You approached a girl in the street, she was surely going somewhere.

Do not hold her too long so you do not bother her if she is going somewhere.
Tell her that you also have something to do.

Ask her if she wants to go for a coffee later or another day.

You must then ask her for her phone number in order to call her back.

Take out your smartphone and type in her number, call her immediately so she knows what your number is.
You can verify that she has given you her number, knowing your number, she will know that it is you who calls her by seeing your number displayed.

If she refuses.

Flirting on the street and approaching a girl is a difficult flirting technique.

You will inevitably come across girls who are not single, you do not know in advance.

Others will be in a hurry, not in the mood to be approached, others will not find you to their taste which is normal.

So you will have refusals, it is one of the specificities of street flirting, you are going to have a lot of refusals compared to flirt in normal places to flirt.

These are the risks of street flirting, you will approach and disturb women who did not expect to be approached by an unknown man.

If she refuses, stay polite, calm, smiling.

Respect her decision, you also might say no to a girl who would approach you on the street and that you would not find attractive.
Or because you’d just be in a hurry!

You will see other girls that you will like and some girls will be interested in you fortunately.

It is like flirting in another place, nothing guarantees your success but you must have all the best tools in hand to assure your success in flirt and the art of seduction.

Flirt with tourists on the street.

Going on the street to flirt, it is also the possibility to flirt with tourists in your city by approaching them in the tourist areas of your city!

Think about it.

Tourists come to your country to visit but also to meet local people.

Many tourists just want to meet a nice guy to spend a good time with a local man who will make them discover his culture and much more.

Go to the tourist spots and approach the tourists you like.

You can do the same, ask them to take your photo or talk to them by telling them something about what they are looking at, making them understand that you are from this place.

A tourist is there to discover, these girls are open to discussion precisely and especially with a local man who comes from the country they came to visit.
If they have chosen to come on holiday in your country, it is because they are interested in its culture, its inhabitants, its gastronomy, etc…

You have plenty of advantages to flirt with tourists on the street, approach them and seduce them to see them later for a drink in a bar or dinner in a typical restaurant with you.

Flirting on the street with tourists is much easier than to flirt with the girls from your country down the street, that makes sense.

Flirt with a dog to approach girls in the street.

I talk about it in an article, how to flirt with a dog precisely, girls adore animals.

If you have a dog, this is the ideal wingman to go flirting down the street.

Either flirt with girls who already have a dog, or provoke an encounter with a girl thanks to your dog.

By putting you in her path for example, in order to stop her, laughing and start a discussion.

If you have a dog, it’s easier. If you do not have one, borrow a friend’s dog to go flirting in the street.
If you can borrow a dog rather cute, success guaranteed with the girls who will fall in love your dog.

The girls will stop by themselves to pet your dog, it also works very hard with tourists precisely.
Cute Japanese girls will love your pretty dog.

You can also approach girls on the street with a dog, asking for information, the girl will be interested in your dog immediately.
You can then move on the discussion with the girl and flirt with her.

Offer a reward to your dog for his loyal services!

You have here street flirting advice, you have to be very optimistic from the start and motivated to flirt in the street because this is the most difficult place to flirt with a girl.

If the girl does not show any signs of interest, move on to another one. Respect her choice.

By following these flirting tips, you should get results and seduce girls on the street.
Whether if you meet a girl that you like or if you really want to approach many girls on the street.

Now you only have to go for it, you can also train yourself with girls that you don’t find attractive to gain experience in the street flirting.

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