How to flirt with a girl with big boobs

How to flirt with a girl with big boobs

How to flirt with a girl with big boobs.

How to flirt with a girl with big tits.

How to approach and seduce a girl with big breasts.

A girl with big breasts is one of men’s main fantasies, let’s be honest and it is quite normal to be attracted by a girl with big breasts, we are made like that.

When you see a girl with big boobs, you do not say “Yummy!!!”? ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’m sure that you do and it’s normal.

A girl with big boobs, you notice them and they know it very well.
So, it will be necessary to see how to flirt with a woman with big breasts so that you do not look like a man who flirts with her just for her breasts precisely.

Big breasts or small breasts, you have some for all tastes but it must be admitted that genetically, a man is more attracted by big breasts.
Yummy as a baby would say when seeing big breasts, a man has the same reaction but for another purpose of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A blonde girl with big breasts, there are clichรฉs that are still around but it must be admitted that this will surely be the first thing a man will notice in a woman if she has some.
As the blonde girl with big boobs in the picture, if you meet a girl like this you are not going to remain indifferent.

Society, fashion also made big tits popular.
There is clearly a social pressure on women to have big breasts.
Not having big breasts can make girls feel bad who will then siliconize their breasts to fit into the so-called standard…
Getting silicone is becoming more common, afterwards, some look good and some don’t, it depends if you are lucky or not.

But beyond the natural attraction of a man for a woman with big breasts, there is also all the social pressure around her that promotes big boobs.

Girls with big breasts attract men.

A man has a reproductive instinct as I say in other articles in the Sexuality section on this flirting tips site.
We can not blame him for having this instinct, it is in our genes and dictates our attitude, our physical attraction and therefore the girls to whom we are going to want to flirt with and seduce.

So when there are girls around, a man will be naturally attracted to the big-breasted girl, this increases the competition between men who want to have this woman with big breasts (natural or not).

The problem that arises is that the woman is not made like us with her maternal instinct that does not understand that a man focuses on her physique.
We should explain to women the influence of the natural instinct of man and woman on their respective behaviors.

A woman wants to be seduced for who she is and not her attractive body, but a person is first physically attracted by someone.
And a girl with big tits will attract even more attention and attraction of men.

A generous breast, that means there is something to eat!
A woman with big tits is means for the man that she is a woman who can nurse her children generously, we go back again to the male reproductive instinct who seeks the best breeder and therefore a woman with big breasts to feed well their children.

A girl with big boobs gives the impression that she is going to be more hot in bed, that she is more generous and it takes us back again to the male reproductive instinct who influences us to be more attracted by a girl with big breasts.
This is normal and natural if I can say.

Like the picture below, who would not want a pretty big breasts girl like this one in his bed?

how to flirt with a girl with big tits

It is also seen on the internet, men are searching more for girls with big breasts than small breasts.
Big tits videos, big boobs porn.

We love the shapes as long as it remains in reasonable dimensions.

She has big boobs and she knows it!

When someone has something more than the others, she knows it because how other people look at her, it makes you quickly understand.

And this is the case for a woman with big boobs, she will not escape the looks of men on her pretty generous and enticing breast.

Then, a woman with big boobs can be happy with it or not.

Some can be proud of their big breasts and will put them forward with pretty necklines.
Others are going to be more discreet and will sometimes find men’s eyes on their big breasts annoying especially if it is the first thing he does when he approaches her or looks at her.

We can understand these reactions, we will of course prefer a girl with big breasts who highlights her trophies with beautiful plunging necklines.

This can also be embarrassing for sport and walking, these big boobs that swing are not always good partners in some physical activities.
We will be delighted when you make love with this girl with big breasts.

A girl with big boobs is going to be well aware because it will have been well known to her from a very young age in school where she was perhaps rather mocked than desired afterwards.

Being aware of this breast advantage over other women, the girl with big tits knows she pleases and attracts men.
So, it’s a detail that she will pay attention to when a man goes to talk to her and flirt with her.
Women are very observant when you approach, your look, your style, your attitude, etc…
A woman with big tits will therefore want to know if you are interested first in her breasts rather than her.

So, how to flirt a girl with big breasts?

Well, by repeating what I said just before, you know that to flirt a girl with big breasts, you will have to pay attention to your eyes.

This can sound obvious but it is very difficult to control yourself in these situations where the temptation is so great to take a look at these pretty big seductive breasts.

When you see something beautiful, you want to look at it, it’s normal.
And there, in addition there is the natural physical attraction that is in our genes that pushes us to look at this pretty chest.

Especially if you are at the beach, a big tits girl in swimsuit will quickly get out of the water and get attention.
If you want to flirt with a girl with big breasts on the beach, see my article on “How to flirt with girls at the beach” precisely:
What better places than the beach to spot pretty girls and especially the girls with big boobs in swimsuit.
Flirting techniques on the beach to seduce girls well.

Your look.

So, first you have to be careful with your eyes and your look when you flirt with a girl with big breasts.

And at the beach too, the big boobs girl being in swimsuit, it’s even more tempting to watch her pretty tits slightly uncovered.
Use other flirting techniques as explained in my article on how to flirt at the beach.

In other situations, your eyes and your look will also be attracted to her big boobs, it’s normal as we saw before so work this important point upstream.
Repeat that you should avoid looking at her breasts when you approach or talk to her.

If you do not want to be turned down right at the beginning, this is a rule to be respected, it is difficult one for sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I try to do it too, it’s all a training to be able to take a look at a girl’s breasts without her noticing it or that her friends see it.
Do not forget her friends if she is not alone, they will not fail to give you up to their friend.

So it’s all a technique to have to flirt with a girl with big breasts, to avoid looking at her big tits.
You must establish a visual contact.

Visual contact.

It is with her eyes that you must establish a visual contact and not with her breasts precisely.
Like the joke that I quote in my article “How to make a girl laugh”:

“Why do men have problems making eye contact? Breasts have no eyes.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Visual contact is essential in every flirting technique.

When you are going to flirt with a girl with big boobs, look at her in the eyes, and stay in visual contact.
Do not spill over other parts of her body such as her breasts or buttocks.

Avoid physical contact with her breasts, you don’t want to shock her.

Make her laugh

I just talked before about my article on “How to make a girl laugh”, to properly flirt and seduce a girl (with big tits ornot), it is necessary to make a woman laugh.

Visual contact, engage conversation according to where you are and make her laught to put her in confidence precisely.

That she sees that you are not there to flirt with her like a trophy to reap.
If she has big breasts, she is a person above all, who loves to laugh, have fun, being seduced and meet interesting men but who are not there just for her breasts.

Her big tits will be your reward if you know how to flirt and seduce a girl with big breasts.

First of all, you have to show that you flirt with her for who she is and not for her pretty cup C.

If she has big breasts, she is a girl to flirt with like other girls.
The only important detail is to control yourself and not to look at her breasts or touch them or making any allusion to it of course.

Engage in a normal conversation and treat her like a normal woman, she will see in you an interesting man who is not there for her big tits.

If you follow these flirting tips to properly flirt with a girl with big breasts, you will get her.

You can then enjoy her big tits in private after seducing this pretty girl.

Her big breasts attract you, she knows that she is looked at and desired for it, it is necessary to show her and to prove the contrary to her when you are flirting with her.

If you spot a big tits girl that you like, go ahead, approach her and follow these good flirting tips.

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