Do women like beards?

Do women like beards?

Is a beard a disadvantage or an advantage for flirting and seducing girls?

Do I need to have a beard to flirt and seduce better?

Do women prefer bearded men?

This is a good question to ask especially when the hipster style is trendy.

There are two types of beards, according to me, the 3 days beard and the real beard, the one from the woodcutter guy.

Personally, I’m not against a 2 or 3 days beard, it gives charm, maybe the bad boy look that pleases girls.

According to surveys, girls like beards, this may seem surprising.

Bearded men would therefore be sexier than shaved men.
But, let’s face it, girls often think of sexy actors with a 3 days beard.

They had done a poll in New Zealand showing pictures of bearded men and other with beardless men.
Women preferred bearded men, especially those with a 3 to 10 days beard.

The hipster beard does not win the vote, indicating that women can love beards but light ones.
What I think too, a 3 days beard is nice, girls think the same.

Personally, a long beard, I think it’s dirty, let’s say things frankly.
As soon as hair becomes condensed, the dirt will accumulate there, much like in dreadlocks.

Having a real beard, it means to shampoo it regularly as for hair, otherwise the beard will be as dirty as the toilet bowl…

And then, it becomes clearly repulsive to flirt with a girl if you scare her with a dirty beard.

So, a beard yes, but a 3 days beard, not a hipster or a woodcutter guy beard.

And do not forget a very important point too and it will depend on your partner.

When you will give a cunnilingus, some sensitive girls will prefer a shaved man to give them a good cunnilingus or even anilingus.
Other girls will appreciate a man with a little beard to give them some sensations with the contact of beard hair on their sex or clitoris.

So, yes, a beard can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, it will depend on the girls tastes.

Same thing for a kiss, some girls hate contact with a beard to kiss their man.
Others will find it funny and different.

Personally, I like a 3 days beard from time to time to change but no woodcutter guy beard !

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