Nokia 6: The New Nokia Android Smartphone!

Nokia 6: The New Nokia Android Smartphone!

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To flirt and seduce, you must have class and style.

Improving your look goes through accessories too, I talk about it in my ebook The Top 100 Best flirting Tips!

To flirt and seduce, you must have style.
The girl who is in front of you will look at some details including your accessories like your smartphone, your watch.
Attractive accessories will enhance your look and make you more interesting for the girl you are flirting with.
This tells her that you have good taste, style, class or maybe money too.

If you buy beautiful things, it also tells her that you like to spend money in nice things.
Shopping is important for a girl! 😉

A nice watch, a beautiful smartphone, nice sunglasses are important elements in flirt and seduction!

You cannot look cheap when you flirt and no need to spend all your money either.

There are very good smartphones today at prices much cheaper than an Iphone or the latest Samsung S.
Thanks to Chinese like Xiaomi or Huawei.

Here, we will talk about Nokia and its new Nokia 6 Android Smartphone.

It’s not the best Smartphone on the market but it’s the new Nokia Android Smartphone.

Before, Nokia was the reference in mobile phones, and then they got eaten by the competition with smartphones.

Then, they were bought by Microsoft and came the worse, Windows phones, help!!

But luckily, Nokia woke up and releases its first Android smartphone, the Nokia 6!

Welcome to this new Android smartphone that seems to look nice.

Having a Nokia as a smartphone is not going to leave indifferent the girl you are flirting with, she will say oh you have a Nokia!

Besides, this one, in black, it looks nice.
Clean design with polished aluminum unibody shell.

5.5 “IPS Full HD screen, coated with Gorilla Glass 2.5D glass.
The dimensions are rather large with 154 x 75,8 x 7,85mm for a weight of 169 grams.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor for 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.
Digital camera with a sensor of 16 MP for the rear and another one of 8 MP for selfies.

The Nokia 6 is a good mid-range smartphone.

This is the come back of Nokia in Android smartphones so we might wait for the next ones to see if Nokia does even better than the Nokia 6.

It will work with Android Nougat.

It will be sold around 230 dollars, which makes it a mid-range smartphone at a good price.
It is at the level of the Honor 6X.

First, it will be sold in China so let’s see when we will be able to buy it in the U.S, Canada, Australia, England and other countries.

This return of Nokia in Android smartphones was highly anticipated, Nokia is a reference brand in mobile phones.
Many believed that the brand would die with Microsoft who often tends to kill good products like Skype or msn messenger …

So we cannot wait to buy the new Nokia 6 Android Smartphone.

Meanwhile, a Huawei Mate 9 or P9, Asus Zenfone, the latest Iphone, the next Samsung S8 can do the trick to have class when you flirt and seduce a girl.
Even though Iphone and Samsung are very expensive for their high-end smartphone models…
Personally, I do not buy expensive smartphones anymore, there are very good smartphones for three times cheaper than an Iphone!

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