How to convince a woman to have anal sex

How to convince a woman to have anal sex

How to convince a woman to have anal sex.

How to get your girlfriend to give you anal sex.

How to make her want to try anal sex.

A new article with sex tips about female sexuality and anal sex.

Today we talk about sodomy or anal sex in order to spice up your sex life with your partner if you have one at the moment.
If you flirt, it is also to make love with a girl in the end so this article will be useful sooner or later.

Flirting tips are important but after flirt and seduction, there is sex with a woman.
I learned a lot by reading Vanessa Flores ebook, How to be a good in bed.

To make love to a woman, you have to learn to be good in bed, same thing for sodomy in order to do well but it is first necessary that your partner wants to try it.

So how to incite her to try anal sex?

Among xxx videos, sexual freedom, the promising revelations of some of your friends who had the chance to practice anal sex with their girlfriends… and the incredibly seductive buttocks of your partner, you can not wait anymore!

You now want to realize this fantasy that began tapping you for a long time: to sodomize her.

But how to convince her to have anal sex?

Talk about it!

The most important thing anal sex is that your partner must also want it.
More often seen as a male fantasy, some women have difficulty to get to try it.
Some women practice it, and some even really like it!

So, away from taboos and all stigma, you have to talk openly and honestly to your partner.
It is also an effective way to truly share sexual as well as emotional desires you both have, and to try to fulfill those fantasies.

See then how receptive she would be to sodomy. Only a “no!” would dissolve all your chances.

Good timing!

When you are having sex with her, re-engage the subject when she is horny.
The hotter she is, the more she will be open to any attempt.

You will then make her discover an erogenous zone that she had so far underestimated.
It is necessary to go gradually and with gentleness, caresses, fellatio, some little fingering… will be your best allies, and why not some little sextoys that can make the tests playful!

If it is fear that makes her hesitate, reassure her, let her know that you are going to go there very slowly and that you will take good care of her.

And it will not be a fake promise! Otherwise, your first time will also be your last.

Multiply the tests!

You have the dual job of reassuring and exciting your partner.

Gaining confidence is paramount. Also, if no real penetration has yet been made, keep trying from time to time, without being too insistent and even worse, making her feel guilty.

Never argue about this sensitive subject! Do not forget to use a lot of lubricant gel, the anus does not lubricate naturally.

It is also equipped with two sphincters. Also, once you have gone through the first sphincter, it is often necessary to observe a pause to let the second one the leisure to relax also.

Preparation for sodomy is therefore essential, exciting her to try to anal sex.

To show her that you are well prepared, you need a specific gel for anal sex precisely.

A good anilingus can also certainly excite her in this erogenous zone and let you try sodomy.

It will go through or it will not, she will like it or not but she must try first.

For a man, sodomy is synonymous of more sexual pleasure.
For a woman, it is more delicate, she will like it or not but first you have to be able to have anal sex with her.

So get her horny to make her want to try sodomy.
Fingering, anilingus, it is necessary to heat her at this precise place to incite her to try anal sex.

And as said before, if she tells you no clearly, move on to something else, some women do not want to try anal sex at all.
It is also valid for men, some do not like anal sex either!

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