Robots: The Future Of Sex!

Robots: The Future Of Sex!

Will you one day have to flirt and seduce robots or rather robot women?

There was a very good article on Cnet on this subject which explains the progress in robots which will become look-alikes of women to have sex with, a sex robot.

Your next lover might be a robot in the near future!

So, no more flirt and seduction thanks to robots? There is a good chance that when you can choose a woman robot that meets your expectations and who does whatever you want in bed, no more need to go out to flirt and being turned down by girls!

There is still a margin, we are not yet ready to have female robots like in the American Thriller Series “Westworld” or in the very good movie “Ex Machina”.
We already had a glimpse of it in the cult movie “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott.

We will have women robots in our bed who will be programmed to make you happy in bed.
The TrueCompanion company in the USA offers a sex doll for $10,000, it’s a hell of a budget.

No need to worry about being good in bed, the robot woman will not care about it.
She will just be there to make you happy in bed.

On the other hand, this is likely to cost a lot of money so it is not for everyone in the near future unfortunately.
On the other hand, a woman is expensive! So, a woman robot is not going to ask you to go shopping or ask for a diamond ring. 😉

One day, you will make love with an android woman, you can already find sex dolls that are inflatable dolls but not attractive at all!

Japan is crazy about it and already make sex doll who are very realistic, one day men will fall in love with these robot women more real than humans!
As in the movie “Blade Runner” where Harrison Ford runs away with a replicant woman, a robot woman!

The problem is that it will be necessary to develop a woman robot that will have a minimum of personality and not just sexual performance functions in order to become true companions.

We also think about single people and elderly people who could appreciate the presence of someone even if it is a robot but if it has a minimum of activity of itself.
As in the movie I, Robot with Will Smith where a robot cooks food with his mother for example.

The problem with a sex bot is that it will have no feeling so you will still just make love with a doll that will not have an orgasm in bed with you.
So, maybe some people will be satisfied with these sex robots, but it’s going to be very bizarre and even falling into madness just talking and living with a robot.

A strange sexuality based on automatism that is likely to bore.

Women too can have their male robot to make love to them, a toy man.

You can read an article about robot sex on Cnet.

New generation sex toys, sex robots your size and as real as human in appearance.

To get back to flirt and seduction, so it would be the end of flirting, no more need for flirting tips and seduction advice, the girl will wait for you at home to make love whenever you want but it will just be a robot.

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