How to flirt over the phone

How to flirt over the phone

How to flirt over the phone?

You got the phone number of a girl you like, no matter how you got it.
Getting her phone number is a first reward, but using it efficitently is yet another step!

To seduce a girl over the phone, you must not only have the right techniques, but you must have something to say.

The ultimate goal is to get a date.

How to flirt over the phone is therefore an important part of flirt and seduction.

Flirting on the phone is also flirting over text message like I talk about it in this article:

Both are important, it is even necessary to complete flirt over the phone and flirt over text message.

It’s easier to flirt over text message because you do not have the person talking to you on the phone.
By text message or SMS, you can prepare your message and your answers, it’s more interactive and more modern for sure.

To flirt over the phone, you can also prepare yourself, thinking what you are going to talk about with her so you do not run out of ideas and avoid blanks during your discussion.

There is stress of course when you call a girl to flirt over the phone but know that she is also stressed to talk to you.

When to call her?

Preferably, call her during working days and in the evening.

With studies or work, often everyone is in a hurry in the morning, which leaves you with little chance that she will be available.

It’s the same for weekends, she could be busy with her friends.

But most importantly, call her when you feel good about yourself and highly motivated.
She will feel it right away.

What to tell her first?

Tell her something that will be used as an introduction.

Avoid as much as possible the “It’s “…”, do you remember me?”.

Go for something lighter, different, using humor.

This should greatly help you to continue your conversation in a humorous and relaxed tone.

How to get to know each other?

Women like to see that you are interested in them, what they are passionate about.

You can naturally begin by asking her how was her day and then go on with questions about her work, studies…

Listen to her voice tone and the words she uses.

If you feel that she is receptive, then that’s a good point.

And now … hang up!

This is a first discussion, you don’t have to talk for ever. Attraction goes down after 3 to 5 minutes!

However, it depends on how she feels. But it is up to you to shorten this first call, to show her how busy you are, with a rich and entertaining social life.

You have to know how to make yourself desired, just like women like to do also!

For sure, she will be expecting to know more about you!

If she asks you to call her back, it’s good, and if not, you can ask her if she wants you to call her back.

Call her for a date.

This time, you will offer her a date.

A few days after your first discussion over the phone, call her back and ask about her.

Then offer her to see you at a date and place that you have chosen and prepared.

It can be anything, but something different!

If she refuses your proposal, do not be discouraged, tell her that you will call her back to see for another date.

In my ebook about flirt and seduction, I talk more about this in detail on how to flirt by phone.

You already have a good idea of ​​what to do to flirt over the phone.

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